Quick Tip: How To Build Quality Links To Your Blog Quickly

Would you like to build quality links quickly?

Without doubt, quality content and links are still the ultimate factors that determine your search engine rankings, especially with Google.

If you want to grow a profitable blog, you MUST make a challenge to spoon-feed your target audience with valuable content continually.

But too often, bloggers forget to syndicate their blog posts across the web.

They fail to understand that the efficacy of any piece of content rests on effective marketing.

Don’t ever neglect to promote your blog posts. Sure, updating your blog with fresh content on a regular basis is a good step – but it goes beyond that.

In this article, I want to show you the quickest way to generate 5 – 100 natural links from every piece of content you produce.

Should you bother with link building?

Google has ruled the search engine world, and I don’t see the mantle changing hands anytime soon. Bing and Yahoo are two contenders, but they’re still far off to beating Google – at least, SEO experts have said that on several speaking events.

When the Penguin was first released on April 24, 2012, a lot of sites were affected. Because of blackhat seo practices, link schemes, duplicate content and several other factors.

As a result of that, a great number of bloggers and website owners totally neglected link building. This is primarily because Google went after links which were not natural and relevant.

Does it then mean that link building has become a thing of the past?

Absolutely not – on the contrary, whitehat (acceptable) SEO is still effective. And if you optimize your pages properly, the links you need can flow in naturally.

That’s what search engine optimization is meant for – to make content marketing worthwhile, not robotic. In a nut shell, don’t ditch link building for anything. It’s still needed when you want to improve your rankings and grow your business.

However, the manner by which you can build quality links have changed. It changed a long time ago, but was obvious when the Penguin was rolled out.

So, what’s the quickest way to build backlinks right now?

“Social Media + Guest Blogging”    blogworld expo

Don’t be confused, this is a new term that I want to use to explain the concept of link building. This might just be your saving grace – so read on.

We’re already used to guest blogging and it’s become the burst everywhere you go.

In fact, most people now call guest blogging a cliché, saying it’s lost its meaning.

But I don’t think so. As a veteran guest blogger myself, I know that contributing to other people’s blog still can produce result, if you do it the right way.

But now we’re looking for real links, which can be helpful. Links that would make your target audience understand you better.

How do you get such off-page links?

Research A-list blogs with social media influence

Oftentimes, when you see a popular blog it means that the blog is active on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more importantly, Google+. The blog also has thousands of readers who are responsive email subscribers and fans.

For the purpose of generating external links that matter – rather than submitting your guest posts on blogs that have no social influence, you should reconsider the time you spend crafting that epic shit.

No, this isn’t a matter of how much traffic you can drive, or client you can generate, but how many people can “cite” your guest post without a push.

Most of the guest posts which I submitted at socialmediatoday.com, freelanceswitch.com, zacjohnson.com and several others sent me 10s of good links from bloggers who were looking for fresh content.

Providing that your guest post is informative & helpful, people can easily share it with friends, tweet and recommend your URL to their target audience. This strategy can earn you 20, 50 or even 100 authority and natural backlinks just from a single guest article.

Study the blog you intend to write a guest post on. How many RSS readers does it have? What about the popular posts, how many tweets and facebook likes did it receive?

The time whereby you guest post just for the sake of doing it is long gone. Yes, you could guest post for the purpose of generating traffic but the results aren’t forthcoming as it used to.

Guest post wisely – get good links

It can be difficult to get your guest post published at Brian Clark’s copyblogger.com. But if you ever succeed, you’d generate over 20 quality links from a single article.

And as you gain these links from a single guest article, potential clients would reach you easily and your blog can skyrocket virtually overnight. If you TRULY want quality links from top blogs, I can help you with my link building service.

How are you building good links that can impart your search engine rankings positively? Share your opinion in the comment below. See you at the top!

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