10 Simple Ways To Breathe Life Into Your Dying Blog

You’re staring at your blog, wondering what’s happening.

You thought you’ve done all you could to make “this” blog successful, but it seems your efforts are going to be dashed in the ocean. Hmm, I know how you feel – trust me.

Don’t be perturbed. In 2011; I was on the verge of flipping my blog in search of a better 9-5 job (does it still exist?), after 5 solid months of writing quality content (according to my own view) and networking.

My simple advice to you is, don’t quit blogging just because things aren’t turning out as you wanted.

If you’ll allow me, I can show you the 10 simple ways to breathe life into your dying blog.

Yes, we’ve heard stories of the dead coming back to life, your blog deserve a new life – don’t you think so?

1.    Stop dreaming, start taking action

If you’re a blogger, then settle it in your heart that you’re an actor. You’ve been given a movie script. The best actors don’t fantasize or joke with their careers. In fact, I listened to a TV presenter a while ago and he was interviewing a popular actor.

The actor said something that I can never forget in a hurry. “I see myself as the character and express deep emotions.” In other words, he’s not trying to dream about being on stage or carrying arms like Nicolas, he actually sees himself in that realm, as though it’s real and nothing magical or dramatic about it.

As a blogger, one obstacle that keeps you bound is too many dreams and wishes. If you want to make your blog come alive, stop dreaming and start taking action.

2.   Take a writing course

Yes, no one has arrived yet when it comes to blogging. Even editors are taking courses to improve their writing & editing skills.

When I spend a lot of money on personal development, I’d always count it as an investment because it’s going to bounce back in a positive way.

If you’re a blogger, you’re a writer too. And you need to write well, if you must capture people’s mind.

Get this: average content will never suffice in this age that everything is moving so fast. Put yourself in the middle of your readers’ heart – sharpen your grammar and spelling skills.

Minimize errors as much as you can. Are you an expert already? I don’t think so. Let your writing show it. If you can write well, the dying blog can come alive FASTER.

3.   Sow on a fertile ground

What’s your niche? One mistake that bloggers are making is trying to drive all manner of traffic, readers and prospects to their blogs. Do you always complain that your traffic is low, and that you want more?

Watch it because you might be acting in ignorance. More traffic doesn’t always give birth to more comments, clicks or income. Until you start converting the few readers you’ve currently, blogging can be a time waster. Period!

4.   Plan your content

Yes, you heard me right. Don’t write a single word unless you’ve it all worked out. How can you write an article without a headline or idea?

It’s funny because I’ve seen people who still follow this path. Of course, you can change the initial headline when you complete the article, but you need a guide. What I do with my blog post follows this path:

I would write the headline, the subheads, the bullet points and the conclusion or takeaway. It’s the skeletal framework of the content. Now, go right ahead and flesh up the article. It’d be a lot easier for you. And you’ll write faster… try it.

5.   Does writer’s block exist? Hmm

Yes, a lot of people experience writer’s block. But the question is, does it really exist? Is it a true phenomenon? The truth is, in my 5 years of writing professionally, both for clients and my niche blogs; I don’t worry about writer’s block because I don’t experience it that much.

Sure, a lot of times I might feel the urge to stare at my PC, but I don’t allow my mind to stay too long. I’d immediately start writing and consequently overcome it. Just write anything and every blockage would be shattered.

See, if you follow #4, which involves planning your content, writer’s block is just a myth. Read extensively, listen to podcasts, attend workshops and webinars.

You’ll destroy this devilish misconception and your head would be bubbling with ideas to write about regularly. Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below…

6.   Bridge your content with personal life

One thing that can resonate with readers again, even after they’ve giving up on your blog is personality.

Blog readers are tired of reading the same type of content everywhere – they want extra spices to be added. When you garnish your article with personal life experiences, it’s the bomb.

When I write guest posts, I usually share my experiences and such posts always get a “YES” response from the A-list blogger.

Wait; don’t talk about yourself 100%. Just like a bridge that links one city to another, use your personal story to bridge the divide and offer great value to your readers.

7.   You need an email database

Don’t be confused, I’m talking about email marketing. I just don’t want to use the common subheading that everyone is using, which has almost become a cliche. Your blog is dying because you’ve no fans, friends or well wishers.

You’re all alone (and maybe your grandma who loves you so much), doing what you love because you’re so passionate about blogging more than the owner of wordpress.

Stop that my dear – begin to capture email address of your visitor, know their problems and provide authentic answers. Your blog can come alive like a bouncing baby boy when you truly build a relationship. Isn’t it awesome?

8.   Your future begins today

Hey blogger, did you realize that the future your parents once talked about is today?

Yes, I could recall when my mom said that she’d have traveled the whole Europe by 2012. She meant it, but obviously, she’s not going to actualize it. She would knock my head for that – sorry mom. Lol!

As a blogger, your future begins today. Whatever you do today, with your blog, your readers and the network you build will affect you either positively or negatively, in the future.

In fact, stop seeing the future as abstract or vague. Before you realize what’s happening, the future you are pushing tasks (procrastination) into will appear.

How prepared are you my dear blogger? Think long term. Act like a serious businessperson. Forget about the hype and focus on real marketing where you solve problems consistently. It’s the goldmine and I’m telling you this because I LOVE YOU.

9.   Generate buzz with guest posting

Guest posting singled-handedly transformed my blog. A great transformation is actually happening in my content marketing career right now, all thanks to guest blogging. Most people still don’t get it – they’re still skeptical.

Is your blog about to die? Guest posting can help you breathe life into it. I mean a better life than your blog had never experienced before. Would you like to learn how this works? See guest posting 101.

10.   Go out there, make friends & enemies

A tree can’t make a forest. No blogger can survive or make money in isolation. If you try to stay on your own, you’ll be overwhelmed by circumstances beyond your human control. Don’t you realize that man wasn’t created to be alone?

That’s the same reason we marry, reproduce and work with other people? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and especially your blog are the greatest hubs where you can cultivate the strongest friendship ever.

Now that your blog is on the verge of dying, a friend’s advice, email blast, guest post, tweet or connection can give you a future of gold. Aha, that’s the power of friendship!

And you should make enemies, too. Nothing is wrong with that – mind you. Most people will hate you for trying to write quality content, launch a valuable info product or publish a guest post on a popular blog.

Those people who don’t like it are your enemies, but they can promote you anyways – usually out of hatred, with your blog URL, but it’s all good. Yes baby, it’s happened to me and it works like magic. But I need more friends though. Lol!

Is your blog dying?

If your blog used to garner tens of comments but it’s no longer happening, it’s a sure sign that your blog is dying? What about money making – were you making money before the Panda and Penguin? What about now?

Whatever the case with your blog, use the above 10 simple tips to breathe fresh life into your blog. You can also find 100 ways to grow your blog here. Leave a comment and let’s grow together – you’re a bundle of success!

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