How To Use Blogs To Drive Free Organic Traffic From Google

If you want more targeted traffic to your blog, Google might just be the right source.

It’s true that you can’t rely 100% on free organic traffic, because Google can go crazy with their algorithm updates sometimes.

However, if you know how to press the right buttons, you can get the best from search engines.

And contrary to what people think, search engine optimization isn’t so difficult.

In fact, the best way to optimize your pages well is to identify who your audience is and the problem they want to solve.

Google follows people

Maybe you don’t know this before – but Google follows people. Literally, search engine spider is like a blind man that needs a guide. Whatever happens on your blog pages is what spiders use to gauge the importance of your content.

Most often, bloggers assume that adding keywords on the title or headline is what can determine how much traffic your content receives. That can be true partly, but to a large extent, creating engagement is the key to targeted organic traffic.

So, instead of wasting time trying to trick Google with keywords, which I think is important by the way, you should focus more on what can make the reader/visitor satisfied.

If your content doesn’t satisfy readers, spiders would automatically tag your blog as irrelevant and poor quality. The more attention you give to your target audience, the more SEO-friendly your content and blog would be to search.

Get more quality links

A link is said to be good if it’s natural, contextual, relevant and comes from a site that’s friendly with search engines.

To rank highly in Google’s first page, you need to build quality links. There is no shortcut to generating links than to reach out with valuable content.

The truth is, it’s much easier to attract external links if your content is good. Most people who struggle to get others linking to them have issues with the quality of their post.

There are many proven ways to get the type of off-page links that affect ranking in a good manner – but the value your article provides is the key.

On page SEO is easy. Just ensure that your content is valuable – the title, the Meta tags and Descriptions are supplied.

Forget about throwing in keywords here and there if your primary key terms don’t look natural. Supplement your organic traffic with highly-targeted ones using URL shorteners on print materials! Include the custom URL on print brochures and hand them over to passersby in front of your stores.”

Organic traffic hack

Blogging is a beautiful model that you can use to reach your target audience.

You’re expected to know your readers, the questions they’re asking on a daily basis – then challenge yourself to proffer authentic solutions to them.

When this becomes your FOCUS, organic traffic would flow naturally. See you ahead!