Five Reasons Why Your Guest Post Was Rejected

You researched the article.

You wrote with all of your heart.

You believed on the article, but your guest post was rejected. Oops!

What happened? Why was the article not accepted?I can feel the expression on your face right now. You’re probably thinking I’ve all the answers to guest blogging, but I don’t.

Instead, this post will show you the five reasons why your guest post couldn’t get a “YES” from an A-list blogger. I don’t like to be called an expert in any field, but I give exception to guest posting expert. Feel free to call me that.

Why? Because I’ve written and published more than 500 guest posts so far. Click here to learn more. Here we go:

1.    Your guest post is too generic

I can write a generic guest post within 10 minutes. But when I want to submit a quality guest post on a popular blog, I usually spend 2 – 5 hours. This particular reason is a timid one. Guest bloggers get it wrong with topic targeting. Most of the time, the topic you choose might have been addressed by top notch writers in the past.

How on earth are you going to bring new insight into it? Talking about generic posts, have you seen those “Top 10 ways to drive traffic?”

Well, that and similar ones are too generic. I’m sure the article would include social media, forum posting, guest posting, SEO and the funniest, blog commenting.

Stop wasting time on such ideas. Research exclusively for social media and write about it if that’s your choice. When you address a single topic, the tendency of crafting an epic shit is high.

2.    Your guest post was buried in the cave      guest post rejected

A little pat on your shoulder – this reason is not your fault.

I received over 10 guest posts on my gMail inbox last week.

But I don’t have time to review and publish everything.

So, what I did was to delete the ones that had quirky or generic headlines (more about headlines, later).

However, you could eliminate your guest post from untimely dead. How?

Study the guest post page carefully. What exactly does the blogger want you from you?

Does he want you to contact him and pitch first? Is there a specified email subject line?

If you can obey the guest post guidelines, no matter the number of guest posts that A-list bloggers receive, you’d still get picked and published.

3.    Your headline sucks (forgive me)

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again. The headline is the most important element in your content. If you don’t get it right, don’t even bother pitching your awesome idea. The truth is, a great idea is nothing if the headline is naked.

Before writing a headline for your guest post, visit the intended blog and study the headlines. Does the blogger use figures, or does he include strong action words? Does he ask open or close ended questions?

Better yet, look at the popular posts. Copy the first three headlines and study them. Then craft yours from the idea. Don’t outright copy and make it yours.

It’s called plagiarism and could get you prosecuted. Just use your common sense to make it better – that’s the secret of crafting powerful and clickable headlines (for copy, email, blog post, product reviews and so on).

4.    You’re honing your expertise

Be honest for once – does your guest post offer something of value to readers? At this juncture, you need to pause and re-evaluate your content. What’s motivating you to write for that specific audience?

If the blog readers want to know about blog conversion, that’s what your article must be centered on. When you concentrate on pleasing the audience, the blog owner would have no option than to accept and schedule your piece.

Stop honing your expertise. Yes, you’re a skilled social media expert, a lettered freelance writer, a blogging superstar – what else?

As far as blog readers are concerned, you’re nothing but a human being. Until you offer help that’s immeasurable, you can’t go far. Ideally, when you balance your personal life and deliver quality content, readers would fall in love with you.

5.    You’re reinventing the wheel

And the last piece of puzzle is trying to reinvent the wheel. This has almost become a cliché, and that’s because it’s a core blogging element.

If you want your guest post to always get approved, then, you must understand the audience you’re writing to and align accordingly.

Don’t assume that blog readers are the same everywhere. That may be true to a level, but each community has a way of reacting to fresh ideas.

If the audience you’re writing to consists of pro bloggers, then ditch every basic idea and research advanced topics. This is important because even if you write an epic article, which targets basic blog readers, the engagement on that post would be lesser than when beginners access it.

Give blog readers what they want. They’re the reason why you’re a blogger – they’re the boss. You’re just like a follower. Sorry Baby, but it’s the reality.

What do you say?

Guest posting is a great way to build a brand, drive free traffic, get exposed to fresh blog readers and make money (probably), but you must press the right buttons. In all, don’t give up when your piece gets rejected. Rejection could be a plus to your blogging career on the long run.

A quick question: When your guest post wasn’t accepted, did you pitch the blogger again, or throw in the towel (quit)? Please share your comment below. See you at the top!

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