How To Attract More Into Your Life

What has positive thinking got to do with attracting money?

Well, a lot. What do you think wealth is? Did you know that the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs virtually attract money into their lives?

Sure, they worked hard for it, but the system is now in place to generate profits for life. The simple question you need to answer is – do you allow positive thoughts?

Don’t take this question lightly. A lot of bloggers are operating in fear.

They wake up every morning, and rather than appreciating the day and all the free gifts of life, they’d hiss when they check and see 22 pageviews, $0.00 in product sales and 0 comments stat.

Believe me, I once suffered from this deadly negative thoughts. I was so anxious of my blog’s growth. Then, I could log into my Google Analytics account every 10 minutes, just to see how much traffic and pageviews my pages got today.

Watch the direction of your thoughts

If you’re always looking for more traffic, and you want it overnight, you can’t operate in the positive realm. You can’t make money with negative thoughts.

You see, anytime you think that growing your blog to A-list level is impossible, a force that is greater than your reality would swallow that thought and bring results of failure your way.

Henceforth, you need to start watching the direction of your thoughts. What exactly do you dwell on every day as a blogger? Do you complain to friends and family members that your blog isn’t getting enough readers?

Do you whine over (0 comments) and want to give up just because you aren’t making enough money to renew your web hosting subscription?

Those are negative thoughts. And such can’t attract more money to you. If you want to start making money as a blogger, start by redirecting your thinking to the right angle. Don’t think of problems all the time, think of solutions.

If you want to make millions online, then, you must read some of the millionaire books and think like millionaires.

You can’t make millions online by sympathizing with impoverished nations or watching pictures that portray poverty – you’ll attract what you see & think about all the time.

How to think positively    positive thoughts

Yes, I’m not disputing the fact that you may have issues bugging your mind.

But, notwithstanding, you need a change of mindset. I’m sure you must have read a handful books on positive thoughts especially “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

In order to think positively, you must “empty the silos.” What’s that? It’s simple but powerful. It means that whatever will not bring you result, stop thinking about it.

For instance, most bloggers think that attracting 1000+ targeted readers daily is all they need to make money.

If that’s your idea, give me a break….95% of the time, it isn’t. More traffic isn’t always equals more money.

Stop thinking about loopholes for traffic generation, instead, map out plans to capture every reader’s data – get readers unto your email list and build a rapport with them.

And because driving traffic to your blog isn’t a hit-and-run thing, you need to continually work on it. And oftentimes, it’s going to drain your energy, especially, if your expectations aren’t met.

Pro bloggers and serious businesspeople don’t think about traffic as newbie bloggers do. What really matters isn’t the amount of fresh traffic you get, but how many prospects are added to your database.

Earlier in my blogging career, I learnt that “the success of your business is directly proportional to the number of potential customers you’re able to reach at the click of a button.” – Ewen Chia.

So, start watching your thoughts. Don’t dwell so much on the process, instead, think about the end product.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with thinking about traffic, but that’s not going to change anything – but when you take the right actions, success can come. Do you agree with me?

Attract more money quickly

Yes, blogging has gone beyond daily updating and all those guest blogging noise. In this ever-dynamic world, blogging is all about putting systems in place. Did you know that when you’re a positive thinker, that single act can be real in your content?

Blog readers are very intelligent and when they read your posts, they can connect with your thoughts. What you think about all the time isn’t vague. It’s actually real and can produce tangible results. Watch it.

Guess what, 85% of website owners have goals and would like to achieve them. But because they lack positive thoughts, they procrastinate; prefer to comment than write blog post. They can tweet instead of building a mailing list.

Funny enough, people who don’t take action have a million and one excuses why they didn’t do it. Of course, they CAN do it if they dare. But the will and morale to embark on a journey of success isn’t there.

Positive thinking hack

Have you been putting off on a project that needs your attention? It doesn’t matter how small: writing a blog post, to pitch your first guest post, to write your e-book or start a membership site?

You don’t have to wait any longer. Today is the best day to begin. When you achieve one feat, the energy and positive thoughts, which usually comes when you “take baby steps” would be available for greater blogging achievements.

And that’s what you need to make more money online – sieve your thoughts today and make sure they’re in line with your blogging objectives. Will ya?

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