8 Ways To Overcome Blogging Failure And Earn More Money

Blogging failure, let’s destroy it now!

Bloggers are supposed to be happy because they’re the BOSS.

They make decisions, set goals and when the profit starts coming, 100% of the income can go into their bank accounts.

Unfortunately, 85% of bloggers are in a trap. Most likely, you truly want to make money from your blog.

But wishing can’t bring $1, let alone $100.

You’ve to first, eliminate every trace of fear and embrace the truth about blogging.

In this article, you’ll discover the 8 ways to overcome blogging failure gradually. Yes, gradually because there is no magic bullet anywhere.

Blogging itself is hard work, which makes it a legit business model that yields fruit over time. Don’t you think so?

1.      Guide your thoughts

You can’t be farther from your thoughts. Whatever you hold dear to your heart automatically becomes you master, whether good or evil.

In a nut shell, if you think you can’t succeed online as a blogger, it’s true because you can’t. In the process of time, thoughts will grow to dominate your Soul and Spirit.

And because man consists of a soul, with a spirit that lives in a body, if you don’t nourish your spirit and soul with good thoughts, decay would begin. At this point, you can’t create quality content for your readers. You’d be nervous and goofy.

Don’t forget, blog readers are intelligent – they can discern when you truly care about them and when you’re not true to yourself. Make a choice today to overcome blogging failure with your thoughts.

2.      Influence your family

I lived with my parents until 2011, when I finally left them to pursue a Course in the city. I know how much influence my mom had on me.

I could recall how she felt when I told him my intentions to start a home business. She was skeptical, thinking I would turn out a failure. But the reverse is the case today.

Bottom line, your family can discourage you from pursuing your blogging dreams.

The internet lifestyle you envisage may look ‘clear’ and ‘possible’ to you, but vague and outdated to your family. Influence them with good conduct, tender words and keen communication. This is critical to your success.

3.      Protect your digital asset

Two of my blogger friends quit blogging, within the first 5 months. Why?

They got their blogs’ databases hacked. My blog was also hacked, but I started again. Even though I didn’t back up everything, I was able to start from scratch. I had passion for my niche. Do you?

Don’t allow those wretched fools to hack your blog. Protect your digital asset. Back up your blog – restore instantly when a problem arises. Your blog is your greatest digital asset – protect it. Learn more about protecting your blog from hackers here.

4.      Stop contributing to the noise       Blogging failure

You know what I’m talking about – social media marketing, guest posting, forum marketing and the likes.

Truth is, you can’t grow your blog by contributing to the noise.

Yes, guest posting is powerful, but understand that it’s no longer as effective as it was when I wrote and published more than 513 guest posts.

Write a clear goal – channel your marketing towards achieving “that” goal.

Don’t just write a guest post or join twitter because it’s free, ask yourself why you need it. With millions of marketers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest, how much of the traffic have you sent to your blog last week?


5.      Write articles, rather than commenting

I’ve a confession to make, “I’m not really interested in leaving comments on blogs.” Yes, occasionally, I visit my favorite blogs and contribute, but that’s not my purpose for marketing online. Real marketing is more of inbound. Learn more about inbound marketing.

See, commenting on people’s blog can’t grow your blog. It can send trickles of fresh readers, who could write a comment and send you a thank you note.

But from my experience and split testing regularly, commenting doesn’t enhance the authority of your blog. And it’s not going to make you an industry leader no matter how hard you try.

And the links you get through commenting, no matter the commentluv URL or anchor used can’t be compared to contextual linking.

When you submit a guest post, you’ve the opportunity to add your link within the content. This is called “contextual linking” and it’s SEO-friendly and juicy. Discipline yourself to write epic content. Don’t neglect comments, but write more.

6.      Get a custom blog design

Do you use free blog theme?

You may not like me for this, but installing and blogging with a free theme means you’re not ready to grow your business. Come to think of it, how good is a free theme? I’m yet to see any freemium that beats paid or customized theme.

I discovered a long time ago that free themes just can’t make you stand out. Everyone and their Dogs are using these templates that have no obligation.

Why not use a different one and watch your blog grow? Better yet, customize a free theme to align with your brand.

7.      Become a contractor, get paid per hour      Make money contractor 

If you’re a blogger, then I’m convinced you’re a professional as well.

Instead of waiting for advertisers to contact and place 125 x 125 pixels banner Ads on your blog, you should monetize immediately. How?

Become a contractor and start making money this month.

Are you good in web development, graphic designs, writing, product research, virtual errands, traveling specs and so on?

Thousands of people are desperately looking for you. As a freelance writer, more than 5 clients contact me each month for my writing services.

You could make $50 – $300/hr as a contractor.

That’s how to monetize your new blog, even if the traffic level is 0%.

8.      Build trust, sell high-end affiliate products

If you can easily sell a $37 affiliate product, then nothing should stop you from promoting high-end offers. It’s the best way to make excellent income online as an Affiliate Blogger.

When you recommend expensive offers, make sure it’s from a credible marketer, truly helpful and recurring.

In 2010, I promoted a $99 membership site as an affiliate. My commission was 50% or $49.50 and because it’s a recurring program, I still earn passive income from my referrals till today. I got about 17 people, which totals $841.50 in affiliate commission every single month.

When you promote recurring affiliate offers like web hosting services, email marketing solutions and other membership sites, you’d overcome blogging failure and make extra money from home.

Blogging success takeaway

Updating your blog regularly is vital, but your blog can grow quickly, if you spend more time promoting your blog posts. Monetize your blog and make sure the affiliate offer is recurring.

Avoid one-off offers like digital e-books, subscription-based programs gives you access to passive income. I love passive income!

Have you experienced any type of blogging failure in the past? How did you overcome it? Please share your comment below – your success is certain!

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