ThinkTank 2012 – We Are The 1% and We Occupy Del Mar

Yesterday was the start of ThinkTank 2012, and we have taken over the beach in Del Mar and occupied it. However, this occupy movement is not for the 99%. No, we’ve decided to find out what would happen if the 1% did an occupation.

The ThinkTank edition of Occupy Del Mar features a nice big tent, open bar, great food, massage chair staffed by a RMT, surfing, Nerf guns, and other childish games. The attendees at ThinkTank are super successful at what they do, and are all members of the 1%. Some of the attendees include:

  • A guy mailing 100 million emails a day.
  • A guy with a domain portfolio worth tens of millions.
  • The worlds leading link builder
  • The conversion master
  • A guy who managed a hundred million dollar MLM in his teens
  • A kid in his twenties bringing in 1,000,000 a month
  • Frank that surfer guy from La Jolla 😉
  • Thousand dollar lead every five minutes Dan
  • A 25 year old kid who just hit a million dollars in sales this month
  • An internet marketing insider who just moved in to his Rancho Santa Fe mansion

ThinkTank is a great event for successful people to network and learn from other successful people. Everything is under a strict NDA so secrets that are given out at ThinkTank remind within the ThinkTank members. While I can’t show or reveal what was discussed, I can show you some of the fun stuff that happened while we occupied the beach. Enjoy!