4 Smart Ways To Make Money With Your Blog

We’re in business to make money, right?

But several bloggers still find it difficult to make money online, what exactly is wrong?

When I started blogging, I thought it was a hit-and-run thing.

I never knew that blogging is pure hard work.

But here is the shocking truth: If you can stay focused, a time will come when making money online becomes your second nature.

Oh, I’m so sure about that!

If you earned $699 last month and $299 this month, it shows that something is wrong.

And you need to study the situation first, before taking further steps. Because, if you plunge into the next business, a lot can go wrong.

Challenge yourself

Are you blogging for fun or to make money? If you truly want to generate staggering income with your blog, then you’ve to change your approach.

It’s not enough to write new blog posts daily and wait for the cash to roll in. There is more to that. You’ve to sell, and sell until you become a proficient salesperson. If you’re scared or ashamed to sell, you might not earn a living online, except…..**

Most people are afraid to ask their audience to buy a product or service. But this feeling of losing self-respect is only present in online businesses.

In a brick and mortar business, we always want to sell and sell some more. The beauty of running an internet business is that you can sell more professionally – how do you ensure that?

1 – Sell your services    sell your service

The truth is, everyone is good at something.

What you may not understand is that you’ve some unique skills, style and voice that your target audience can pay for.

In fact, they’re dying to buy into it.

I didn’t realize how special I am when I launched my blog.

And I kept chasing after the next ‘money making loophole.’

Have you discovered your unique skills?

Why not bring it to the table? Use your blog as a platform to sell your skills.

As a freelance writer, I sell my time and skill. And I must say; freelance writing is a cool business to be in.

In all, determine what you’re good at and start selling (marketing).

2 – Sell a product

What problem is your audience facing? The best time to offer value and solve their problem is now. Create a short report and sell to them.

The hidden truth is that short reports are great money makers. Instead of writing a 105 e-book about internet marketing for instance, break it down. Write a 37-page report on how to build an email list, another 27 page report on how to generate traffic to a new blog.

You’ll make more money with this strategy. You’ll also become a proud owner of 2 or more info products. This is priceless!

3 – Sell Advertising

A few weeks ago, 3 entrepreneurs contacted me. They were interested in advertising on my blog, because they discovered I had no banners at the sidebar. I didn’t accept the offer, because my blog is a copywriting service blog, not for advertising.

But this scenario is relative. If you’re not selling a product or offering any specific service, advertising can be great for you.

Of course, you could combine selling a product and selling ads on your blog. If you place 4 – 6 Ad banners on the sidebar for $50, you’d earn approximately $200 or more by month end.

That is a good start. From there, you can increase your earnings as your blog grows and becomes an authority in its niche.

4 – Sell affiliate offers

And finally, you could earn extra income from your blog by promoting affiliate offers. It’s so simple to get started.

You don’t have to worry about overhead cost, or delivering the product. Your duty as an affiliate is to refer the right buyer. You’ll earn commissions, when a sale is completed.

I started out promoting other people’s product. It’s fun and lucrative.

Although, selling your product or service can provide more benefits, but rather than give excuses why your blog isn’t earning some cool dollars, start off with affiliate marketing.

What’s stopping you?

My question to you today is, “what is stopping you from making money as a blogger?”Are you willing to share your thoughts?

As they say, “Two heads are better than one.” Let’s talk about your challenges – leave a comment and I’d reply as soon as I can. Do you want to make money with content marketing? See this.

Photo Credit: customer service by BigStockPhoto.com.

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