Another Blast From The Past

My first blast from the past was well received so I figure it was time for another one. Here are few posts that you may have not read because you’re a new reader and haven’t checked the archives.

A Closer Look At The TTZ Server – This is an inside look at the servers that powers The TechZone and the TTZ Media Network. Dell makes all TTZ servers because Dell is the industry standard when it comes to servers.

A Day In The Life Of A Dot Com Mogul – In this old post, I write exactly what I did for that day. From getting up at 11AM up to the point of writing the day in the life post. It’ll give you an idea of what my average day is like.

My Most Profitable Page – In this post I write about my most profitable web page. Some of you already know what page this is but for those who doesn’t, this post will tell you.

Using Life Insurance To Shelter Income – A little financial trick to use life insurance to shelter your income so it cannot be taxed and how to take out the cash or transfer it to your heirs’ tax free.

Sarah’s New System – This post details the computer I built for Sarah. It’s a multi-video card, multi-monitor monster. Sarah uses the system to surf the web and chat with friends on MSN and Skype. That’s kinda like using a nuke to kill a fly.

How To Make 36% Return Risk Free – A little trick to make 36% after tax return completely risk free. Sounds impossible, right? Well, it can be done.

Video Blast From The Past

This video has never been posted on my blog but since it was made back in 2004, I figure including it in this post would be appropriate. During the 2004 Consumer Electronic Show, I forced all my editors to experienced the Taser so I could record their pain and post a video for everyone to laugh at. Yes, it’s very evil. Enjoy the video.

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