A Day In The Life Of A Dot Com Mogul

I got up at 11AM today. This is later than normal for me. For the past few weeks I’ve been getting up at around 9:30AM, and I did get up at that time today but for whatever reason, didn’t felt like getting out of bed so I just laid in bed and next thing you know, it was 11AM. This has to be the biggest attraction to being a dot com mogul – not waking up to an alarm clock.

After getting up I got on the comp to check the stats. Checking stats is something I never get tire of doing. It’s a lot of fun to see the Google and other numbers go up as the day goes by. Thought out the day I will check stats about a thousand times. After the stats I will go delete the 1000+ spam that I normal find in my email each day. I have a spam filter on both the server and on my MS Outlook, and somehow those pesky spams still find their way in. After canning the spam, it’s a quick surf of the network sites to make sure they’re all working. I check my forums to read the new posts, check my blog to see if there are any new comments, and delete any comment spam. Then I check other sites in my bookmarks and read the news.

For lunch (I don’t have breakfast because I wake up too late) I normally go out but today Sarah wanted to cook. Since Sarah moved into my life, I haven’t been eating out as much, which I guess is a good thing. Normally we eat out for lunch and she would cook dinner. But today we’re eating lunch at home and eating out for dinner. This brings up benefit number 2 of being a dot com mogul – your wife/girlfriend doesn’t have to work. Sarah and I are together all the time. Some would say this is more of a curse than a blessing but that only means you haven’t found a person who is truly your match yet.

After lunch, it’s back checking stats, watching TV, checking stats, reading forum posts, checking stats, reading some trade magazine, checking stats, playing a game, checking stats, playing with computer hardware sent by manufacturers, checking stats, chatting on IM, and did I mention about checking stats? Sometime during the day, I will update the sites with new content. The extent of this work ranges from me approving an article written by a site editor, to me actually writing the article myself. I tried to write at least 1 article or review per week myself. The rest are done by others. Today being Friday, the only new content added was news, which I don’t do. So that meant I could check more stats.

At 4:30PM, I went to the gym to do an hour of cardio on the elliptical trainer. I love the elliptical. I can stay on that thing forever, and I think I would if Fitness World didn’t put a time limit on there. As the weather get warmer, I will sub the trainer with my bike and go ride around Richmond. Riding the bike is a lot more fun but the weather doesn’t permit it right now. I try to go to the gym at a time when most people are working so I can avoid crowds. That’s advantage number 3 of being a dot mogul – you can schedule your activities with a lot more flexibility.

I got back from the gym at 6:30 and took a quick shower (after checking stats). Then we went the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. Tonight will be pasta and movie night. The Old Spaghetti Factory in Richmond is right next door to Silver City, one of the biggest movie theaters in Canada, with 22 screens. Any movie that is playing will be playing at Silver City. Tonight’s movie will be Ice Age 2 the Meltdown. Ice Age 2 was a great movie. It was easily as good, if not better than, the original. Normally we don’t see movies on a Friday night because it’s a lot more busy but I really wanted to see this movie as soon as it came out.

After the movie, we went home where I check the stats and wrote this blog post. And that’s my day.