My Most Profitable Page

Out of all the thousands of pages on The TechZone, one page stands out head and shoulder above the rest in terms of profitability. How much am I talking about? Many publishers make less than $1 CPM from their pages. They’re doing jumping jacks if they can get $5 CPM and back flips if they can get $10 CPM. Well, my most profitable page does over $100 CPM. That’s right, over $100 CPM. You want to know what it is, don’t you? Well, I’m going to tell you.

The TTZ Hot Deals Page is my most profitable page on The TechZone site. And the funny thing is it makes almost all of its income from CPA (cost per action) affiliate deals. Most webmasters hate CPA because it puts all the risk on them and none on the advertisers. If the advertisers doesn’t sell anything you make no money but gave the advertiser free exposure. At the other end of the spectrum we have CPM (cost per 1000) where the advertiser has to pay a fix amount per 1000 ad views, whether or not the reader clicks the ad or buys anything. This puts all the risk on the advertiser and none on the publisher. In the middle we have CPC (cost per click) where the advertiser pays for clicks received. This put risk at about 50/50 between advertisers and publishers.

Now the question you may have is why is my most profitable page a CPA page? Well, the old saying “the higher the risk, the higher the potential reward” apply here. CPA is the riskiest of all advertising a publisher can take on, but it also offers the highest potential reward. The TTZ Hot Deals Page is a study in what I call Value Added Advertising. The page is set up as a service to our readers. Every single deals listed are affiliate deals – meaning we get a cut of every sale. The cut range from 2% to 50% and we have deals with over 700 companies. The page moves over $200,000 of products each month and nets enough that the effective CPM works out to over $100.

Publishers hate CPA because they don’t know how to promote it. You can’t make money from it by putting an affiliate banner on your site and hope people will click on it and buy something. But that is what many publishers do and when they make no money they say “See! I knew this wouldn’t work!” If you look at all the super affiliates in the CPA world, you’ll see that all of them use a setup similar to the TTZ Hot Deal Page – present your offer in a way that the reader doesn’t view it as advertising. It sounds so simple but it really works. The TTZ Hot Deal Page works because the readers find great value in the page, even though the page is really all adverting. They don’t see advertising. They see DellHome – $300-$750 Inspiron Coupon Codes!

At over $100 CPM, you gotta love those coupon codes!