A Closer Look At The TTZ Server

For those who asked, here’s an inside look at the servers that powers The TechZone and the TTZ Media Network. All TTZ servers are made by Dell. Why? Because Dell is the industry standard when it comes to servers.

Dell 1850

This is the inside of the Dell PowerEdge 1850 server. Our servers features dual 2.8GHz Xeon CPUs, two 15K RPM SCSI 320 drives and 4GB of OCZ DDR2 ECC RAM.

Dell cooling system

This is a close-up of the cooling system. Those fans are very loud! But then, loudness doesn’t really matter for a server since it’ll be installed in a data center where noise level is not one of the things they measure for.

SCSI 320 drives

One of the two 73GB 15,000RPM SCSI 320 hard drives. The drives are set up in RAID 1 and are hot swappable. For those who don’t know RAID 1 is a mirror setup. Drive 1 is an exact mirror of drive 2. Whatever is written to one drive also write onto the other drive. The server can get its information from either drive in case one goes down or dies.

Dual Power Supply

Not one, but two power supplies, just in case one dies. The power supplies are also hot swappable, meaning you do not need to turn the server off in order to unplug it.


Four 1GB sticks of OCZ DDR2 ECC RAM ensure the db server never runs low on memory. DDR2 ECC RAM is extremely expensive. Luckily OCZ Technology is one of my sponsors and supplied the RAM for free.