10 Life-Changing Habits

So you want extra cash?

Good habits can transform your life and bring more money your way.

Don’t forget that bad habits are effective as well.

Businesspeople often think that making money online is all about creating a product or slapping some hot affiliate banner in their blogs’ sidebar.

Truth is, habits define the direction of your life. Whether you’ll ever make money as a blogger or not, would be determined by your habits.

For instance, solving people’s problems can be good habit. And it often brings success later on.

I personally know some great information marketers who take time to make every info product helpful and evergreen.

You should take the same route. So, let’s look at 10 life-changing habits that can bring you closer to earning 6 figures online. Are you ready?

#1. Stop hoarding your best

Do you hoard your best content with the hope of selling or sharing it when the sky turns blue? If you’ve been doing this, you’re not alone.

When I started blogging, I didn’t like to share my best information. In fact, the first time I shared a compelling article, two hefty and selfish Super Affiliates contacted me immediately.

Guess what their complaints were? Aha, they asked me to create e-book and sell to my readers, rather than revealing some “underground” truths.

But I didn’t listen to them. I went ahead and ever since, my blog has grown tremendously. Develop this habit of sharing your best content. Stop hoarding – it’s dangerous!

#2. Provide fewer options

Yes, when you provide so many options either in your content, marketing campaigns or through word of mouth referrals, it can be frustrating. Your target audience wants the best answers.

When you write a blog post, what exactly do you want from readers?

Be specific. If you want readers to visit your “services” page, ask them to do it.

Don’t ask for email address, comments and purchase at the same time. It’s a wrong marketing habit, kill it today. A good habit is to provide fewer options and keep it simple.

#3. Create a “laughing” environment    

life changing habits

Isn’t it funny – what the heck is “laughing” environment?

Well, that wasn’t a typo – you seriously need to make readers happy.

Why do people spend so much money to watch comedy movies at the cinema? Of course, they can enjoy the comedy film at home, but laughing with other people is an extra advantage.

If you’re not humorous, read up articles, watch movies and do all you can to develop that witty attribute. It doesn’t take much to create a “laughing” environment.

Don’t take it extreme – be moderate but make sure your blog readers are happier than they came. Sure, they want answers, but not in a boring manner. Making people happy is a good habit, build it today.

#4. Pre-announce your product launch always

This particular one is for product owners. If you’re planning to launch your e-book, short report, software, plugin, theme, membership site, webinars or whatever product, a good habit you should build is to pre-announce it.

Each time you pre-announce a product launch, you’d drop expectations in reader’s mind.

They can’t just wait to have the product before outsiders grab it. Do you really want to surprise readers with a new product, which they never visualized? Stop kidding me!

Change that approach today. When you write a blog post, conclude by pre-announcing the arrival of your product. You’d make more sales the first few days of launching the product. Trust me, it works like magic and it’s a good habit.

#5. Call to action early

In line with pre-announcement, call to action is equally important.

But I’m not asking you to merely ask people to buy your e-book or subscribe to your list – I’m saying you should build up interest from the very beginning. The headline is the first place to call for action.

If you discovered that your bounce rate is high, there is a tendency that people don’t read your post form start to finish – they’re scanning it. It’s more than pathetic and we need to do something about it. Call to action early… let’s do it.

If your headline promised to reveal 5 steps, from the first paragraph (lede), arouse curiosity.

Blog readers would dare to know what you’ve for them. No, they won’t skip a single word. Each paragraph, subheading and bullet points must connect with one another.

This is particularly important, so that when you finally call for action in the last paragraph, the conversion rate would be high. Swallow this habit – it’s a great pill for your blogging success.

#6. Write content from your heart

If you step aside from your seat to read what you’ve written, do you think it’s strong to hook other people? When you write from your heart, you’ll so much pour energy into the words, lines and paragraphs.

Every word becomes a gem, which can be traded for whatever you want (comment, subscriber, money, trust, repeat reader and so on).

And how can you write from your heart? Well, this can be relative, but a single two tips have always worked for me 1). Bring yourself into the zone 2). Avoid distraction and allow the energy to flow. And most importantly, make sure you’re knowledgeable in that niche.

#7. Build a premium email list

The “money is in the list,” right? Maybe!

Okay yes, but that’s not 100% truth. The money isn’t in the list, but in the type of email list you build. If your subscribers are free-mongers, (looking for free e-books, everything free) it can be difficult to monetize your list.

Instead of collecting email leads with a free report, capture affiliates’ data when you create your own product. Such leads are money-spillers, easy to monetize and you’d be speaking the language they understand. Email marketing is powerful, but not the way a lot of people are going about it.

#8. Stop promoting one-off affiliate offers

Affiliate marketing when done rightly can make you good money. But you should be thinking of earning passive income from your internet marketing efforts.

It’s a wrong habit if you continually promote one-off affiliate offers. It doesn’t matter how much you earn, you’d be broke if no one buys from you again.

On the other hand, if you promote a web hosting or autoresponder service as an affiliate, you’d earn a recurring/passive income (commission) monthly, for life providing your referrals stay.

Avoid this deadly mistake of promoting one-off affiliate offers, stay with recurring offer for passive profit. When you work hard for passive income, it’s a good habit.

#9. Spend time with your audience

What would you do if you discover that your target audience doesn’t know you enough to buy your product, write a comment or even join your email list? I think it’s high time you start spending quality time with your readers.

If you used to write 10 guest posts a week, and now you’ve garnered about 500 active readers, I suggest you slow down a bit and focus on your audience. Listen to them more, know their problems and find a way to provide quality answers.

Marketing your business and blog is vital, but don’t forget ardent readers. They’re the reason why your blog is alive. Let this habit dominate you from today onwards.

#10. Write clickable and specific headlines

How clickable are your headlines? Okay, even if they’re clickable and powerful, are they specific?

You can’t write a headline that combines how to get traffic, increase your comments and make money. That’s too complicated and I wouldn’t click it myself.

Before you write the content, write a headline first. But come back to it later, brainstorm new ways to make it more catchy, more specific and benefit-driven.

Make every headline count. Put value into it. But don’t stop at the headline – make sure the content itself lives up to the promises on the headline. Can you build up this habit?

Over to you, friend!

What life-changing habit has helped you in making more money online? Would you like to share with us? The comment box was designed for you. Let it out and let’s earn some cool cash together. Meet me at the top!

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