All Those 30 Cents Add Up – Why Passive Income Rules

Aweber Earnings

The above is a screen shot showing my monthly Aweber earnings from February 2009 to today. Aweber pays 30% commission on new customers that you refer to them. The key is the 30% is on the monthly billings and it continues for as long as the customer stays with Aweber. I love these types of affiliate programs because it helps build passive income. I have stated many times that passive income is the key to living the Dot Com Lifestyle.

Creating passive income requires you to think long term instead of going for the instant gratification of a one hit sale. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy getting an email saying I made a $1,000 commission on a $2,000 sale. However, I get more excited when I get an email from Aweber saying I earned 30 cents by referring a new customer to the Aweber $1 Trial.

Earning 30 cents with Aweber

Given a choice between getting a big one time commission or a percentage of sales for life, I’ll take the percentage every time. All those 30 cents add up! In less than two years, my Aweber earnings went from $83.35 in February 2009 to $1,646.99 so far this month. And guest what? It’ll be higher next month!

The best part is this income comes in regardless of the blog. Should John Chow dot Com go under tonight, the Aweber income will keep going. This gives me tremendous security. This security does not come over night however. It took me nearly 20 months to get it to the point where it’s making almost a full time income. The key is to keep at it and think long term. Don’t think of your blog as a get rich quick scheme. Believe me, it’s not. Think of your blog as a growing business and treat it as such.

Instead of always going after the one hit wonders, come up with a solid business plan that offers a mix of products and services that offer some kind of passive income potential. It can be slow and painful in the beginning but in the long run, it will pay off. Most importantly, it will keep paying.