Why Not Take Your Blog To The Top? It’s A Choice!

When I started blogging, I had a feeling that some people were just destined to be pro bloggers and make $10k monthly.

As a result of this mindset that I had, I stopped writing for my blog.

I even stopped guest blogging because it’s a waste of time. I thought I’d never make it to the top.

But as time goes by, new insights began to envelope my mind again. Now I know that growing a blog is a choice, not a predestined affair.

As they say, when life hands you a lemon, turn it into millions. The responsibility to grow your blog is YOURS, not your readers. Of course, you can’t succeed all by yourself, but you’ll need to set the pace and LEAD by example.

Decide today

In August 2012, I made a decision to grow my blog’s audience. I challenged myself to increase my daily visitors to 1000+ and I started working towards it.

No one is destined to succeed as a blogger or fail per se, but when you decide to proffer a specific solution to those who needs it, life itself would reward you abundantly.

There is a force that’s being released each time you decide to do something remarkable.

Remarkable might mean going to a live conference offline, where you can meet face-to-face with industry experts and build rapports quickly. This can be priceless. If you doubt it, attend one yourself.

I made a decision to write at least 1000+ words article every single day. No, I don’t have to publish or proofread every day, but to get the first draft out of my head. What decisions have you made this year?

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Everyone actually makes a decision

Wow, this is incredible but it’s true.

Don’t be ignorant of the fact that everyone is actually making a decision, whether it’s right or wrong direction. In reality, when you keep silence and refuse to do nothing, you’ve succeeded in taking a step.

If your blog design is ugly, it’s the decision you made. Yes, you made it wholeheartedly and to change that, all you’ve to do is take another decision. Period!

No, you don’t need to pray or ask someone to think for you – it’s your responsibility as a blogger.

You don’t lack ideas at all

You don't need ideas

Listen to me; you don’t need another magic pill to build a successful blog.

Yes, new products and services are going to be packaged by experts, which I recommend you try if you’ve the time and money. But at your disposal right now, you already have what it takes to succeed online.

How many blog posts did you read last month?

How many free e-books and special reports did you download? What about searches you made in Google recently and the results you got? Did you ever implement the knowledge you got to grow your blog?

Take baby steps today

Here’s the caveat, if you’re the type that read and read, without taking action, you’ve already signed the document of failure. Avoid that, learn how to succeed online, get an education about online marketing.

Information overload is one of the reasons why beginners, intermediates and even experts struggle to earn a living online. Don’t be like those people who get distracted online by fancy banners and links.

Make a decision to grow your blog and start working on it. To get you started, it’s vital that you start collecting email leads legitimately. Don’t start tomorrow, but now.

In other words, give your prospect VALUE (e-book, video, e-course et al) in exchange for his or her email address. Get serious with email marketing and you’ll never regret this SINGLE decision in the future.

I ask you again; why not take your blog to the top? Let me know what your thoughts are in the comment below. Thanks for reading!

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