How To Dominate Google By Guest Posting

This is not going to be another post on why you should write guest posts for other blogs because I don’t recommend you do that. I have never written a guest post, and I doubt I ever will.

One of the best ways to get higher blog traffic and Google rankings is by guest posting. By having a popular blog (like this one) post your guest article, You expose your writing to a much bigger readership. However, an equally big benefit is you’ll be able to link back to your blog from the guest article, which not only sends you traffic, but helps your blog rank higher on Google.

Why I Don’t Write Guest Posts

Writing a guest post takes a lot of work. You are already spending a lot of time creating content for your own blog. Creating guest posts for other blogs can easily double, triple, quadruple, or more, the time requirement. This is because every post has to be unique. Guest posts submitted to me must be exclusive to my bog. This mean the post can’t be posted anywhere else. If you’re submitting guest posts to a lot of blogs, it could mean you will have no time to update your own blog.

Doing Guest Posts The Right Way

How do you get the traffic and Google benefits of guest posting without having it suck the life out of you? You outsource it!

The easiest way I’ve found to guest post is by using the guest posting service offered by Get Links Pro. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because I’ve written about these guys before. Get Links Pro has been my exclusive link building service for the past year. Their prices are the lowest in the industry and they don’t offshore anything because they are located in India (they’re the company that SEO companies in the US outsource to).

While link building is the primary business of Get Links Pro, they also have an extremely economical guest posting service that is used by many of the top Internet marketers. Get Links Pro will write 500+ word articles in any topics you want for as low as $15 per article. Not only will they write the article, they’ll find the most relavent blog to guest post it on. Get Links Pro has built relationships with hundreds of blogs so the chances of them getting a guest article posted will be higher than if you try to submit it.

Your Writing Should Be for Your Blog

With Get Links Pro, you can concentrate on creating quality content for your blog, and leave the guest blogging to them. They have a team of writers with experience in every topic you can imagine. No matter what your niche, Get Links Pro can write that guest post for you. Don’t just take my word for it. My friends Zac Johnson and Shoemoney use them as well. Here’s what Shoe has to say about their service:

The results for me have been nothing short of amazing. For each property we have tested them on they have soared in rankings. Since Get Links Pro uses nothing but whitehat techniques there is no risk of being penalized.

Every article will be over 500 words longs and contain one or two dofollow links for the author bio (depending on blog’s policy). The post will be sent a PR1 to PR6 (or higher) blog relevant to your niche. A 500+ word blog post takes at least an hour to research and write. Then you have to find the best blog to submit the post to, email the blog owner and hope he accepts the post. If I had a choice of doing it myself, or outsourcing it to Get Links Pro, I would choose Get Links Pro every time.

As I stated in the beginning, Guest posting is one of the best ways to get higher traffic and Google rankings. It’s also the most time-consuming and not something I recommend you do. Your writing should be for your blog, not someone else’s. This is why I love Get Links Pro so much. They will do the work for you, and they’ll do it a price that is so affordable, it will give you sweet dreams, and give Michael Kwan nightmares. 😛

Get Links Pro