A Smart Tip To Build A Profitable Blog

“You don’t launch a profitable blog, you build it.”

I can’t remember where I first read that line, but I think it’s the best tip you can live by this New Year.

Small business owners, mid-size and multinational companies have learnt that blogging is powerful, and so, everyone is eager to compete with you, by starting a blog.

But don’t despair; you’ve YOUR OWN WORLD, and no amount of competition can snatch them away from you, if that’s your decision.

Before I share with you the “smart” way to build a profitable blog, I need you to settle this:

Your blog is not for everyone

Yes, this is powerful and unless you respect this fact, it can be difficult to actually build a thriving audience. Your blog is not for everyone. Got it?

Consequently, your content is not for every reader out there. I was making a terrible mistake in the past with my blog posts – I was writing to attract free traffic no matter where it comes from.

It’s funny because I got an avalanche of free traffic, but conversion rate was poor. For instance, one faithful day, 2057 persons visited my blog, but only 3 persons joined my list. Ouch, please don’t laugh at me…

I know why this happened. I was desperately looking for free traffic but didn’t approach it well.

No matter the quality of your content, some readers will never like it. You shouldn’t beat yourself to death just because some persons hate your writing.

Those readers aren’t in your world. You’ve got to settle this ‘truth’ in your heart, then scale through from there.

Now, what’s the tip to help you build a profitable blog?

“Influence” targeted readers

target audience

How do you know who your ideal reader is? This can be difficult to determine actually, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Here’s the rule of thumb, if a person clicked your headline, read your article, commented or sent you a feedback, subscribed, shared your content or purchased from you, then he or she is your ideal reader.

Your blog needs this kind of readers. You can’t trick these people or confuse them with marketing jargons just to squeeze their hard earned money out.

They can see through the transparent wall of your content. The words you use. They’re fast runners, too.

Also, if they refer the right person to your blog, then they’re targeted as well. If you desire to build a profitable blog, start influencing ideal readers. See, you may not need thousands of them at first, but keep at it.

Even if you get 50 active blog readers who share and leave a comment, nurture that relationship and they’d naturally become your evangelists, telling others about you & your blog.  BTW: Do you want to build quality links to your website? See 17 Link Building Strategies.

How to influence like a pro

You don’t need to be a professional to influence people. Good news, huh?

In fact, beginners are very good at this because they could feel the pains of others better, unlike pro bloggers who now lives in luxury apartments and drive the latest Ferrari 458 Italia.

Want success? Take it one step at a time. Influence people by delivering on what you promised, then go the extra mile to over-deliver.

For instance, if your article promised to reveal “10 Ways to Build a Brand,” why not share 12 ways? The extra two would act as a Bonus, and at the same time, increase the trust level readers have for you.

It’s like getting a lifetime discount when you go shopping? How would you feel if Wal-Mart can do that for you?

As copywriters always say, “Under promise, but over deliver!” If you can abide by this friendly rule, the quality of your content would increase.

Your customer service would become the envy of competitors and from nowhere, more money would start to flow into your bank account.

When there is “influence” it’s a lot easier to build your email list, monetize and gain media traction.

What do you say?

What do people say about your blog and content? Is there a good testimony yet? Don’t worry, as little as “thank you for this post” is, it could lead to a significant growth for your blog.

But you must make up your mind to influence people through valuable content. Be consistent.

Your content may not be 100% exceptional or angelic, but if it’s practicable and could help readers achieve a specific, vital goal, you’re on track to building a profitable blog.

Could you please leave an “influential” comment below? I can’t wait to reply you. See you there!

NOTE: If you need quality content to grow your blog and business, I’m open for hire at this time. See my service page.

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