Victory Lane – Is That A Racetrack In Your Backyard?


I’ve seen some crazy housing developments in my time, but this one from racing legend Phil Hill takes the cake. Victory Lane is a 3,000 acres development geared toward fast car enthusiasts – it has its own racetrack.

The private 4.5-mile road course, designed by world-renowned track engineer Bob Barnard, will give Victory Lane residents a chance to explore the performance limits of their fancy sport cars in a safe environment. With a one mile long straight (that doubles as an airplane landing strip), you can find out if your Zonda F can really go 215MPH without worrying about getting a speeding ticket (or put in jail).

In addition to the private racetrack, other amenities include a signature 18-hole golf course and driving range, an equestrian center and a clubhouse on the lake. To ensure total privacy and maximum security, a 10-foot high fence with more security cameras than a Hollywood movie set surrounds the entire 3,000-acre development.

The homes at Victory Lane will range in size from 3,342 square feet to 11,484 square feet. Lot sizes are three to 30 acres. Homesite lots start at $675,000 and paddock/hangar lots start at $100,000. It’s recommended every owner buy a lot of each. After all, if you’re going to build a house at Victory Lane, then chances are you’ll need a hanger to store those cars, bikes and jets. The monthly homeowners’ association fee is about $1,800 per month and includes access to all the common areas, including the track, airport landing strip and golf course.

If you’re thinking all this seem very inexpensive (there’s no way you can buy a 3 acre lot in Vancouver for anything close to $675,000), you’re not a alone. When I received the mailer from Victory Lane, my first reaction was, “Where is this place?” It turns out Victory Lane is located somewhere in Georgia, approximately 80 miles west of Savannah. The exact location is undisclosed to maintain privacy. Suffice it to say that you’re not close to any major markets, which many explain the private aircraft landing strip.

Here is the Victory Lane promotional video. If the thought of having a private racetrack in your backyard appeals to you, then you had better get your deposit down now. I wonder if I can land the BMW Designworks 787 on that strip?