It’s A Pagani Zonda F


A few blog readers with sharp eyesight have noticed that I am running a new header. For those who are wondering what cars those are, they’re the Zonda F by Pagani Automobili. The Zonda F represents the ultimate in Italian Supercars. If there was ever a car that could be considered art, this is it.

The Zonda F is built completely by hand. There will only be 25 made, thus ensuring you won’t see another one in your city (or country for that matter). The 7.3 Liter AMG V-12 puts out 602HP (a 650HP Clubsport version is also available). Even more amazing, the car weighs just 2706 pounds thanks to the use of various exotic – and very expensive – materials. The body is made of carbon fiber, the wheels are made of magnesium and the exhaust is made of titanium.

The low weight helps the Zonda F achieve 1.4 g on the skidpad, a number that was once seen only on racing cars. That much power applied to such a small amount of mass results in 0 to 124MPH in less than 10 seconds, and the car will make it all the way to a top speed of 215MPH.


How much does all this cost? The Pagani Zonda F is the most expensive car you cannot buy if you live in North America. The car is illegal here because it doesn’t meet US emission or safety standards. This has not stop a few extremely wealthy enthusiasts from bringing them into the country for “off road” use.

The two Zonda Fs in my header were originally silver and did not match my blue theme. I thought about emailing Horacio Pagani to make some blue Zonda Fs and retake the photo, but concluded he would just tell me to get lost in Italian. Instead, I commissioned Justin from My PC Rig to work some Photoshop magic.

Below is a Top Gear video review of the Zonda F. The sound coming out of the exhaust is worth the price of admission. Watch the video and you’ll see/hear what I mean.