BMW Designworks 787 – If I Were A Billionaire


You have to hand it to those guys at BMW Designworks. They come up some of the coolest toys in the world. A separate entity from the car side of BMW, Designworks has had their hands in the design of tons of cool toys for boys; from cellphones to John Deere tractors (everyone needs one of those).

For their latest brain storming session, Designworks thought it would be cool to create a custom interior for the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. BWM Designworks pictured the jet as a cross between a James Bond Villain and a super successful Gen-Xer. As you can see from the following photos, the interior is ultra modern and befitting the DesignWorks look. The bar has a glass floor so you can look down and see your car (a BMW of course). The theater uses a wall of the 787 for the screen.

The interior was created by Designworks to showcase their abilities at the upcoming Hamburg Aircraft Interior Expo. Nobody has actually ordered a Designworks 787 yet. However, I’m sure once a few well heeled billionaires get a look at the drawings, Designworks may get an order or two.





Source: Autoblog