Understanding The Sales Curve

A few readers have questioned the $13,500 income made by Rich4Life.Us. If they did indeed made so much, then why are they flipping the ad again? The answer is actually quite simple – most of the sales were done in the first few days when the ad was fresh and new. Sales have now slowed to the point where Rich4Life.Us would make more by re-flipping the ad.

The sales curve is a lot like a Digg or John Chow effect – there is a huge spike follow by an equally huge drop unless the advertiser does something to maintain momentum. My review of The Million Dollar Wiki generated 110 page sales in the first two days. My post about the Million Dollar Wiki contest resulted in 11 page sales the following day. A classic case of the sale curve at work. Most people who wanted to buy bought when the offer was first presented.

For Those Who Asked For Proof of Earnings


Making $13,500 from a $1,000 ad spot does seem incredible so I can understand if readers doubt the claim. It seems Rich4Life.us has read the comments and decided to address them. Not only have they posted the above screen shot of their earnings, they’ve also made a video of them logging into their account to show the screen shot wasn’t doctored. To date, the ad has produced 30 sales and made $15,250.