John Chow dot Com Million Dollar Wiki Blog Contest


Win a 24″ LCD & a Signed Copy of The 4-Hour Workweek!

John Chow dot Com and The Million Dollar Wiki has teamed up to bring you our latest blog contest. With this contest, not only will you save money on your purchase of a page on The Million Dollar Wiki, but you’ll have a chance to win a brand new 24″ wide screen LCD monitor from LG! We’ve given one away already and it went so well, we figure we would do it again!

The L245WP is the latest in a string of award winning monitors from LG. The wide screen LCD features digital HDMI input, 1920×1200 resolution, 1000 to 1 contrast ratio and a fast 8ms response time. Your blogging productivity will definitely improve with this baby sitting on your desk. To really help you improve productivity, I will also throw in a signed copy of The 4-Hour Workweek! Here’s how to enter.

Get Five Entries By Buying a Page on The Million Dollar Wiki

A page on the Million Dollar Wiki cost $100. However, by entering JohnChow into the coupon code at checkout, you’ll get $10 off. Not only will this allow you to buy a page for only $90, but you’ll also received five entries into the blog contest.

This is open to new page purchase only. When an order come in with the JohnChow coupon code, the system will give you the page for $90 and give you five entries into the contest. It’s a good deal all around. You get a page at a discount and you may win a $600 LCD monitor!

Get Two Entries By Blogging About It

If you don’t want to buy a page but still wish to enter the contest, you can do so by blogging about the contest. Make a post telling your readers about the contest and the $10 coupon code and you’ll get two entries. You are free to use whatever anchor text you like. Here’s an example of a contest entry.

John Chow dot Com is holding another evil blog contest. He’s giving away a 24″ wide screen LCD monitor and a signed copy of the best selling book, The 4-Hour Workweek! Find out how to enter here. The contest is being sponsored by The Million Dollar Wiki. Use coupon code JohnChow to save $10 on a page.

You are free to add any other information you like – be creative with it. Just be sure to link to this contest post and let your readers know about the $10 off coupon. The entry has to be a full blog post and not mixed in with any other posts – no “speed linking” posts will be accepted. After writing your entry, email me the URL so I can check it out. If the post meets the requirements, I’ll add two entries for you into the contest.

Of course, your are free to make a blog post and buy a page to get seven entries. For those who don’t know what The Million Dollar Wiki is, please read this blog post to find out. This contest runs until the end of September. On October 1st, I will draw a name from all entries received and that person will have a new 24″ LCD monitor and a signed copy of The 4-Hour Workweek sitting on his or her desk. Good luck!