300X250 Ad Spot To Be Flipped Again

After the Google 300×250 ad spot was flipped the first time, some readers speculated if it would be flipped again. Well, those speculations are about to come true. It seems Rich4Life.Us, the buyer of the ad spot will be flipping the spot to advertisers for the last 10 days of the ad run.

We’ve made at least 10 times of what we spent so far. We paid $1,250, and we made over $13,500 as of right this second with the SGR Affiliate Program. On top of that, we’ve had over 312 subscribers to our newsletter only within 72 hours. We still have over 25 days to go. The truth is this is the BEST ROI ever for me as an advertiser.

You may have seen the ad advertising the flip already (it was put into the rotation yesterday). Rich4Life.Us is asking $200 for the spot. It will be limited to 20 advertisers. Six advertisers has already signed up for the deal. If Rich4Life.us sells out the 20 spots, they’ll pocket $4,000 (plus the $13.5K they’ve already made) and could go down in history as pulling off the greatest advertising coup ever. This is going to be an interesting case to follow.