The World Is My Office


One of the nicest thing about making a living by blogging is that you can do it from anywhere in the world. The freedom this gives you is simply amazing – the world really is your office. Right now, I am typing this post from the Aberdeen Centre mall, but I could just as well be in Shanghai, China. As long as where I am have Internet access, I can log online and make money.

Aberdeen is a nice place to blog from because the food court has free wireless Internet. However, I found out that you are not allowed to plug your laptop into any of the wall outlets. Security came by and unplugged me. WTF? Like does the mall think I’m going take all their power or something? Good thing this Macbook Pro has a five hour battery life.

Ed Lau came down to join us for lunch and brought his notebook along as well. However, upon arriving, he discovered that his notebook battery was dead. He is now online with his iPhone. Rule to remember when being an mobile Internet mogul – always have a backup plan to get online! 😈