How to Make Your Content Stand Out When Everyone is Using AI

AI has changed the way marketers and content creators create content. Many marketers use AI to create content for their business. And smart marketers know how to leverage AI and take the best advantage of it.

This has made it increasingly difficult for many to stand out with their content. This doesn’t mean that your content isn’t good. It’s just that AI is way too smart to create high-quality content within minutes.

But this shouldn’t appear as a challenge to you. What you should rather do is to understand how to smartly use AI to make your content stand out.

1. Human Touch

The first important point to remember when creating content with AI is to add a human touch. No matter how smart AI is it’s important to understand that it’s only a machine. It will only help you come up with data and present it to you in a strategic manner.

However, when it comes to adding a human touch to your content, it fails to do so. The reason for this is simple. AI lacks emotions. So it’s for you to step up and inject your personality, unique voice, and perspective into your content.

AI can mimic, but it can’t replicate the individuality that you bring to your work. So add your own touch by sharing personal stories and experiences that make your content more relatable and authentic to your readers.

2. Deep Expertise

If you have ever used AI, you’ll be amazed at how instantly it can help generate data for any query you feed in. AI is typically programmed to provide general information to its users.

Its biggest disadvantage is that it often lacks the depth and nuance that a true expert can offer. When people look for online content they look for something that they can trust and seek out expert advice.

So they wouldn’t be naturally inclined to read AI-generated content that lacks expertise and authority. That’s where your expertise comes in. Use it to let people know that you genuinely know what you’re talking about in your post.

Show them that you have the skills and knowledge about the topic and you can help people by offering your valuable insight on it.

3. Audience-Centric Approach

The next important point to remember when creating content that stands out is to make it audience-centric. For that you first need to understand your audience’s needs, pain points, and desires.

Once you identify that, it’s time to tailor your content to address their specific concerns and provide solutions. You should also focus on engaging with your audience through emails, comments,, or social media to build a community around your content.

4. Storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful way to connect with your audience. AI being a robot doesn’t know how to use storytelling to connect with the readers. That’s one of the advantages that you should thoroughly use to your benefit.

Share stories that resonate with your audience and tie them into your content. Stories can be uniquely human and captivating. And people love reading them. It makes your content more relatable which in itself is a great way to make your content stand out.

5. Engaging Headlines and Hooks

Your heading is one of the first things your readers will notice. Based on how interesting it is, they will decide whether or not to click on them. So always make sure that your headline is attention-grabbing.

Once people click on your headline, it’s your introduction that they first engage with. So try to hook your readers with your introduction. The initial impression of your content can determine whether someone continues reading.

Make it compelling and relevant so that it convinces them to read one line after the other until they reach the end of the post.

6. Thought-Provoking Questions

Sometimes you can make your post even more interesting by making your readers think. Pose thought-provoking questions or challenges to your readers. Encourage them to think critically and engage with your content through comments or discussions.

This has two benefits. First, you can engage your audience and second, you can attract more comments to your post.


Remember that AI is a tool that can complement human creativity and expertise, but it can’t fully replicate the unique human elements that make your content stand out. Your individuality, authenticity, and value to your audience are what will truly differentiate your content in a world where AI is prevalent.

Syed Balkhi is an award-winning entrepreneur and online marketing expert. He is the co-founder of OptinMonster, WPBeginner, MonsterInsights, and WPForms.

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