Using The Santa Rosa Macbook Pro

Yesterday, the Fedex man dropped off a package from Apple Computers. Inside was a brand new Macbook Pro. Anyone who know me know that Apple isn’t on my list of favorite computer makers. To me, Apple is a music company that happens to make computers as well.

The new Macbook Pro is the first Apple laptop to make use of the new Intel Penryn processor, which helps to increase the performance gap between it and the weaker non-pro Macbook. The Pro is available in two models, a big 17″ monster and my 15.4″ unit, which happens to be the lightest 15.4″ laptop in the world (it weighs only 0.4lbs more than the 13″ Macbook). Until recently, the Macbook Pro was also the world’s thinnest laptop at 1 inch thick. That title now belongs to the Macbook Air.

It Makes a Good First Impression


My first impression of the Macbook Pro was it sure looks good. One thing you can’t fault Apple for is style. The Macbook Pro is just oozing it. The Pro is one of the best looking laptops I’ve ever seen. However, good looks will get you only so far.

Upon opening the new Macbook, I noticed a few things missing from the keyboard. There was no print screen key or a backspace. I later found out that you need to hit three keys to do a screen capture and the delete key is really the backspace.

Since I only had the Macbook Pro for a day, I haven’t really drove into it enough to give a final verdict. I’m having a love hate relationship with the Mac OS. I love that this thing can boot up in just 25 seconds but I hate that there’s only one way to resize a window. I also find it a little unnerving that an Intel powered laptop doesn’t need any anti virus software. So far, the OS has been as stable as a rock. I’m waiting for the first crash. The Mac users on my IM list tell me I’ll be waiting till the cows come home.

How Much Does It Cost?

For the price of the Macbook Pro, you can get one hell of a powerful Windows laptop with more features. However, the Mac fan boy would say it still isn’t a Mac. Right now, I really don’t see what the big deal is about. I’ll be using the Macbook with the Mac OS X for a week. If I can’t get use to it by then, I’m replacing with it with Windows and sticking a Microsoft sticker on the back of the screen. 😈

Look for an update in a week. Place your bets now on whether this Pro will remain a Mac or become a Windows machine.