The Art of Stress-Free Blog

Is blogging all about hard work?

If you want to achieve tremendous success online with your blog, you’ll need to adapt to changes as soon as they occur.

“Art” deals with creating, innovating and breathing life into your life and business.

When it comes to blog marketing, so many bloggers don’t understand that marketing is not all about working hard; it’s about working smart also. I know so – but ask your questions in the comment box.

If you use wordpress to run your blog, which you should, then taking advantage of free and premium tools can help you achieve a better success.

There is no rule anywhere that says you MUST wait for 3 – 5 years to start earning a living from your blog. It can happen in 1 month.

I know successful bloggers who grew their readership to 10,000+ within 3 months. It may not be easy, but it’s damn possible.

What is the secret to stress-free blogging?

stress-free blogging

This might surprise you. But it’s not rocket science. It’s about setting clear goals and using every available tool to work it.

Maybe you’ve been stressing heavily at your blog, doing all sorts of marketing to bring the right readers – but it doesn’t seem to work for you.

I’ve one question for you right now: What are you missing out?

Ideally, you should study the thoughts going through your mind as an entrepreneur.

If you started blogging just to make quick money, it might be the obstacle causing you stress.

In fact, studies have shown that the best thing that can happen to any businessperson is to think “value.” What can you do to help someone else become better?

At your blog, you’ve got to make a decision to truly help people. Once you develop this mindset, it’d be easier to earn through your blog.

The majority of bloggers who earn above $10,000 monthly have identified a hungry niche, and they’re producing “valuable” content and products to satisfy that hunger. They’re consistent, too.

You can apply this strategy to any type of niche, including health, food, entertainment. That’s what a friend of mine did to his review blog on shakeology food. It really works.

So, the secret of stress-free blogging is “value” creation. And let me show you how it can relief you of stress and lead to a high productive lifestyle.

In 2011, I wrote an epic blog post that covers important facts about SEO and content marketing. That single post had resulted in over 50,000 targeted traffic from search engines alone.

What made the post successful?

It’s evergreen and I keep updating it. If you desire to increase productivity, start writing evergreen content; because it’ll freshen up your blog, attract thousands of hits and subscribers.

For instance – that SEO post I wrote would have become obsolete (irrelevant) if I didn’t update it. When the first Google Panda was released, I quickly removed a few of the paragraphs and added another one to suit fresh visitors and readers.

Find out topics that would ever be relevant in your niche and start blogging about them. It’s the only way to reduce the blogging stress.

More importantly, as those evergreen blog posts ranks higher in Google top 10, you’d have enough time to build niche blogs or create valuable products for your target audience. That’s how to make money online cowboy. No shortcuts whatsoever!

The bottom line is VALUE. Add value to your post titles, the introductions and the sentences you make. Don’t just write articles to fill your schedule days.

And when you write a guest post for other blogs, focus on evergreen content. Hot trends can fade away quickly. And if you’ve written a post that’s no longer useful, go back and update it.

This way, when your guest posts are published, they can dominate Google top 10 and drive targeted traffic to your pages, even when the blog owner sends it to the archive page.

Are you stressed out?

Yes, hard work is vital to your blogging success, but as they say, “health is wealth, but wealth is not health.” Writing everyday and gazing at the PC screen may not be a healthy habit after all.

Focus on important tasks that can add value to your business, and consequently help your readers improve as well. Green signifies life. Green plants have life and they produce foods for themselves.

Therefore, get started today. Research your topic and craft exclusive evergreen content for your target audience, consistently. And remember, Google loves ‘green’ content so much.

Have you ever written an evergreen content that impacted your blog’s traffic? Leave me an evergreen comment and let’s plant positive seeds that can change the world. See you ahead.