The 3 Elements of Blogs

A lot of times, we think that making money online is favorable to some pro bloggers and we give flimsy excuses why we’re not qualified.

But does it really matter?

The most vital action step to take this year is to study blogs that are already earning income.

This is the only way you can leverage on other people’s insights, secrets and ideas to become better.

In 2010, I had already resolved in my heart that all those Super Affiliates were wicked. In fact, whenever I see those BIG checks, it makes me want to puke.

In 2011, I discovered how dangerous my thought pattern was and made a decision to change it. Right there and I did.

Fast forward to 2012, I’m already making enough money with my freelance writing business. If your blog isn’t making enough money, the fault is not Google’s.

Neither is it your fault because you didn’t start off early – don’t blame anybody. It’s time to look at the 3 elements that could help you earn a living online if you work hard and smarter.

1.   A custom blog design

Right now, did you know that one of the reasons why you love Johnchow’s blog is because of his custom blog design? I caught you red-handed cowboy… don’t deny it.

Maybe you didn’t think of that.

Yes, quality content is the foundation of every blog that makes money today, but it goes beyond that.

If you run a brick and mortar business, you’d agree with me that most times, the cover or design doesn’t really matter that much.

Haven’t you seen great books on Amazon that are bestsellers, but the cover looks like a 2-year old artwork. That’s for offline and traditional publishing…

But on the internet, it’s different because prospects actually do judge a book by its cover. Even if you’re reviewing LG 3D Smart Television, do that on a simple blog with a professional theme.

If you sell digital products of your own or promote affiliate product, even if the content isn’t ‘that’ informative, you’ll still make a lot of money once the e-cover is excellent.

Don’t get me wrong; always promote helpful products because that’s the only way to sustain your growth and expand your business in the future.

If you want to make money with your blog this year, please customize your theme. It doesn’t cost so much – you could get a good (not great) design for less than $400.

Start from there and when you start profiting, revamp the entire blog – because custom design is a MUST.

It helps you to stand out from the teaming crowd – and when you’re unique, unique readers would flock to your blog…

2.   Vision     have vision

I wouldn’t say all the blogs that are making money now, but majority of them are owned by visionary entrepreneurs – bloggers who are not after making millions today no matter the tricks employed.

The future of your blogging business is very important.

You can’t just be overly consumed with the “hype” out there and sabotage the success of tomorrow.

Run with a vision and you’ll consciously produce better and rich content consistently.

Bloggers who are in this game for the long haul don’t publish generic articles that everyone and their Dog have already published.

Instead, they publish less but spend quality time researching, writing, listening to their audience and developing a content calendar.

A surprise announcement might work in some cases, but don’t bounce on your readers with a new product they know nothing about. If you’ve plans to author a book in 2014, start preselling now.

Tell your subscribers and fans about your forthcoming product. This would ensure that when you eventually launch it, you’ll sell more and impact many lives across the world. Have a vision and write it down. Then start acting on them.

3.   A product or service

Clickbank Sales

The third element you MUST consider is a product or service.

Money making blogs either sell a product or offer a service to the target audience – that’s how it generates income. No gimmick or luck here.

I don’t know about you, but I strongly believe that selling your services as a freelancer is easier, especially when you’re starting out.

Freelancing is hard work and so is affiliate marketing, product creation, guest blogging and so on. There is no shortcut for achieving success when you’re blogging.

Instead of complaining that making money online is all hyped-up, why not monetize first and then scale it through from there.

Do you presently use a premium tool or software to run your blog? See if there is an affiliate program that pays out decent commission.

If so, become an affiliate and recommend the same products that you love. I tell you the truth. Your reviews would be fully-packed with persuasive words and honesty because you’re happy with the product in the first place.

And that’s the secret of Super Affiliate Marketing. Knowing the potentials of the product you’re promoting would open up a new realm of creativity for you. I call this “blog copywriting.”

What other element…?

Do you think I missed out on a vital element that makes a blog profitable? You might say I didn’t mention email list – which is essential by the way.

But I’ve seen successful bloggers who don’t have a list as yet. I also earned my first $500 even when I had no optin box on my blog header.

List building is important if you’re an online marketer. But you MUST captivate the readers first to come in and have a look at your exclusive content. And you can easily do that with a sleek custom blog design.

Then quietly channel the readers to your landing page, via the subscription box and get them unto your list… Please write a valuable comment below… Let’s chat…because you’re awesome!