The New Rule Of Link Building for 2013

There is no magic rule for building links. Or is there?

But that doesn’t mean you should get involved with link exchanges and all those fake directory submissions.

In order to get the right links that would improve organic ranking, you’ll need to work extra hard and smart. I’ll show you how in this post.

The updates we received from Google and other search engines recommends that you obey this ONE RULE.

Don’t be bothered when your competitors are buying links and you are not.

You may have the money to invest into link building, but that’s just equation one. The ultimate equation is whether Google and other search engines would like the link or not.

The new link building rule


It may not be entirely new to you, but if you’ve not been implementing it, the benefits will not come to you. Here we go: “earn your link, don’t strive to build it” You should read it out loud.

That way, this single TRUTH can penetrate deep down your subconscious mind.

You see, there are intelligent bloggers out there who aren’t bothered about building links. They’re focusing on the most important thing – Quality Content.

In other words, they’ve the knowledge that any link you build without in an unnatural way will not bring long term results. And that is true to the core.

That’s why a lot of sites were penalized by Google. Yes, I know you might have objections to that, but building links with all manner of strategies has never been helpful – even before Google started rolling out their updates.

How can you earn links?

You need to do a lot of work. Inasmuch as guest blogging is a great way to build natural links, and so easy to get started, you might miss out on the juice.

Adding anchor texts without considering how natural they’re can’t bring long term results. So, you have to weigh the odds and follow the right steps.

“Earned links” can only come as a result of quality content. If your article is helpful, valuable and informative, nothing can stop it from being shared.

People would willingly share it with their friends. Most of my blog posts were shared without my consent. I love to see fresh links on sites I never would have visited in my entire life.

The only thing stopping most bloggers from earning links is because they’re lazy to research, write a resource and give it a little boost in terms of promotion.

Sure, no matter the quality of the content, always push it forward and then automate the link building process. Not with any of those backlinking tools, but via social shares and viral marketing.

One simple way to earn natural links

Do you really want to know the quickest and easiest way to build natural links? The answer is so simple, which is why some people can’t implement it because they always believe that for something to work, it has to be complicated.

Write about hot trends

As a blogger, did you know there are hot trends on your niche? Something hot is always happening, otherwise Google Alerts, CNN, press release sites and so on wouldn’t exist.

You need to capitalize on this to drive free targeted traffic, build natural links at will and grow your blog.

For instance, when Google released their EMDs update, I was among the first bloggers to write a detailed post about it. Read the EMDs updates article for insights.

That particular post generated 12 natural links from A-list blogs, 53 real comments from people whose sites were affected. I was overwhelmed by the surge of organic traffic coming to my site.

It’s received thousands of pageviews already.

You should stay abreast on recent developments in the Blogosphere. Even if there is no new trend in your field, you could always BRIDGE it. That’s why we’re writers first and foremost, before bloggers.

And once you can write about hot trend, your readers, target audience and lazy bloggers would share it with others. Because if they decide to write their own, it’d have been late.

Link building takeaway

Long term success is what bloggers should focus on. Guest posting is good, but make sure you’re not doing it for the sake of link building alone.

Write guest posts that can establish a mutual relationship between you and your target audience. It’s the best content marketing strategy so far.

Focus on over-delivering and you’d experience a surge of quality links pointing to your web pages.

There you’ve it, the new rule of link building for 2013. If Google updates the rule, I’d let you know instantly.

What link building strategy have you been using for your blog? Share your comment below – See you at the top!