Shoemoney Buys a Million Dollar Wiki Page

After finding out about the Million Dollar Wiki from this blog, the Shoe has dropped $100 to secured the Million Dollar Wiki page for Free Rigntones. It looks like Shoemoney has hit on another winner.

So this morning I was looking at my Nextpimp statistics and low and behold… it had sent almost 180 unique visitors of which 2 purchased a premium membership to the website. Now the Nextpimp Premium membership is $19.95 per 6 months and it auto renews… so if these people stay on board for 2 cycles I already have almost broke even in… 4 days superhot! Now I don’t expect this to happen much but one thing is for sure – I will for sure get my money back.

The Million Dollar Wiki is closing in on 500 page sales. There are many ways to make money from it and I highly recommend everyone gets a page because the site is starting to get into mainstream press. As the site continues to grow it will attract more press and that means more traffic and money for users who take advantage of it. My page on the Million Dollar Wiki has been viewed 6,201 time and has made $250 so far.

The John Chow dot Com Million Dollar Wiki contest is still going on. I am giving away a 24″ wide screen LCD monitor and a signed copy of the best selling book, The 4-Hour Workweek.

A page on the Million Dollar Wiki cost $100. However, by entering JohnChow into the coupon code at checkout, you’ll get $10 off. Not only will this allow you to buy a page for only $90, but you’ll also received five entries into the blog contest. You can get two entries for blogging about it. Good luck.