Make Money Online with The Million Dollar Wiki

Well, that didn’t take long at all. As part of my review of the Million Dollar Wiki, I purchased the page for Make Money Online. The rational for this was simple: $100 for a guaranteed minimum of 15 years equals peanuts. If I can’t make money with that deal, I need to resign my Dot Com Mogul status. Well, I’m happy to report that not only have the page made me the $100 back, it has now turned a profit!

My page on The Million Dollar Wiki has only been up for ten days and already have received 4,638 views – nearly 500 per day. This has so far translated into six Text Link Ads sign ups. There were also sign ups for some of the other programs but TLA pays an instant $25 once the sign up has been approved. The other programs will require the new sign ups to make some money before I get paid. Still, $150 in the first ten days is pretty good for a single page. I’ve fully recovered my cost for the page and everything is pure profit from here on out!

The person who owns the Wiki page for Money is using it to track income generated by owners of Million Dollar Wiki pages. So far, only five page owners have submitted results. Hopefully, more page owners will add themselves to the list.

Affiliate Deals + Million Dollar Wiki = Money

The best way to make money with The Million Dollar Wiki is set up pages to presell affiliate deals. I could put Google ads on my page but at less than 500 views per day, it won’t be making that much and may take away from the affiliate sign ups. Need some ideas on what to promote? Check out some of the deals at AzoogleAds or Millnic Media. There are deals that pay as much as $200 per sign up. One sign up and you can double your money.

You may ask, why not just do your own page instead of putting it on The Million Dollar Wiki? While you can certainly do that, my question to you would be where are you going to get the traffic? Putting up a page is not enough, you have to get a traffic to it. The Million Dollar Wiki is starting to get good traffic and it will only increase as news spreads about it.

Get a Page for $90 and You May Win a 24″ LCD

Right now I am doing a promotion with The Million Dollar Wiki. You can buy a page for $90 if you enter the coupon code JohnChow at checkout. Buying a page will also enter you into a draw to win a LG 24″ wide screen LCD monitor and a signed copy of The 4-Hour Workweek. Read the John Chow dot Com Million Dollar Wiki blog contest for full details.