New Blog Milestone – 8,000 RSS Readers

8000 RSS Readers

Just a little over a month after this blog broke 7,000 RSS readers, it has now passed the 8,000 reader mark. I am really happy with the growth of the RSS readership. It’s been growing at about a thousand readers per month for the past few months. At this rate, I’ll have no problems meeting my goal of 10,000 RSS readers by the end of the year.

Welcome RSS Sponsors

I guess now is a good a time as any to welcome the advertisers who took advantage of my RSS Text Ad Sponsorship opportunity. Please help me welcome the following advertisers. They support this blog and deserve your support as well. – If you’re looking for information on credit cards, then this is the site for you. Not only do they show you which cards offer the most value, they also offer personal finance information in case you let the credit spending go to your head.

Jay Geiger – Even though I said no more ad flipping, Jay didn’t listen. At least this one doesn’t involve work on my part. Jay won’t change the ad in my RSS feed. He’ll just redirect the page to a new buyer. His landing page is pretty creative.

CDF Networks – CDF Networks had their start in web design but that has shifted over the years to web property development, SEO, PPC and affiliate marketing. Their portfolio of websites includes over 30 different properties in many different categories such as directories, social bookmarking, community, entertainment, informative, and advertising. Stuff that you guys like to read. – already has a 125×125 ad button running on this blog and wanted to leverage that with an RSS ad. will manually submit your site to 1,000 Web directories for only $69.99. You can see all their submission packages here. – Psst… Sharing is about to change!

Cashflow Lotto – Lotteries are a $200 billion a year industry. Cashflow Lotto combines lotto and e-business into a new opportunity.

1 Cool File – 1 Cool File is a place to upload and share your files. However, they also allow blog submissions into the directory. Making a submission could win you $500!

Enwikopedia – Enwikopedia is a paid Wiki. Unlike the Million Dollar Wiki, Enwikopedia has tier pricing. You can buy a page for as low as $10.

Search Engine Guide – SEG has been a long time advertiser on this blog. For their RSS ad, they did some outside the box thinking and pointed the ad to their RSS feed. It stands to reason that feed readers like reading blogs via RSS so sending them to the feed so they can subscribe is a great idea.

The Lazy Business Owner – This was another blog that chose to send readers to their RSS feed instead of their blog. The Lazy Business Owner is about setting up a business so it can run itself – business makes money so you don’t have to. Sounds like a great idea to me!

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