RSS Text Ad Sponsorship Available For September

Be The First To Advertise In The RSS Feed

In my continued quest to push the limits of making money online, I am now accepting orders for RSS text ad sponsorship. The ads are just like Post Level Text Ads from Text Link Ads. The ads are served to the RSS feed and will appear under the post and offer a full 80 character linked title and 150 letter description. Only five text ads will appear under each post and the number of advertisers will be limited to ten. This means your ad will show up on every second post.

A Growing RSS Readership

RSS count

Nearly 8,000 people read this blog everyday from the full feed RSS. A RSS text ad under each post is a great way to reach them. The blog’s RSS readership has been growing by leaps and bounds. A month ago, the FeedBurner chicklet showed 6,792 readers. Today, it’s showing 7,727. It will break 8,000 soon.

The cost of a RSS text ad is $200 per month and is available to the first ten advertisers. John Chow dot Com publishes over 100 posts per month. Your ad will be shown over 50 times. That works out to less than $4.00 per post – less expensive than a Post Level TLA. However, Post Level TLA are shown on old posts that are not read by 8,000 RSS readers.

If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity, then PayPal $200 to and email me your text ad to the same address. Your ad can have up to 80 characters for the linked headline and up to 150 characters for the description. This is for the month of September. You will get the reminder of this month for free.


How good of a deal is this? Text Link Ads sells text ads to my RSS for $500 per month. More expensive than a site wide text link on the blog.

No Ad Flipping Allowed

I am putting an end to the ad flipping. Do not purchase an ad if you intend to flip it. I will not change the ad once it’s up. The first few flips were interesting but now it’s getting out of hand. I expect to have all ten slots filled within the next few hours. If you want one, better order it now.