New Blog Milestone – 7000 RSS Readers


Just 26 days after passing the 6,000 RSS readers mark, this blog has broken the 7,000 RSS milestone – the FeedBurner chicklet is showing 7,107 RSS readers. What that means is 7,107 people read this blog with the full feed RSS yesterday. Today’s figure will be available tomorrow. I predict it will go higher.

I have wrote several articles on how to increase RSS subscription. For those who missed them, here they are again:

You want people to add your feed to their RSS reader because it serves the same purpose as a bookmark. Remember how hard publishers used to encourage readers to bookmark their sites? RSS is the new bookmark – having 7,107 RSS readers is the same as having 7,107 bookmarks. It doesn’t matter if a reader doesn’t check your feed everyday. As long as you’re in their reader, you have a way to reach them.

A high RSS readership makes your blog less dependent on the search engine. Google thinks they can teach me a lesson by slapping me down in the SERP. Google will eventually discover that they can’t keep the root of all evil down. The best way to get my SERP ranking back is to keep increasing traffic. Next stop: 8,000 RSS readers.


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