Million Euro Wiki – John Copy Cow Strikes Again


John Cow rocketed to fame by being the best of the John Chow dot Com copycats. While his blog was basically a parody of mine, it did offer good humor and its own unique brand of content. However, the cow’s newest venture, the Million Euro Wiki, isn’t a parody at all. It’s pretty much a carbon copy of the Million Dollar Wiki. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Million Dollar Wiki has made almost $100,000 since it started. If you’re going to copy something, then it’s best to copy something that is making good money.

The Million Euro Wiki is basically the Million Dollar Home page meets Wikiipedia. There will be a page for literally everything. However, instead of being open for anyone to edit, one person owns each page and can monetize it anyway they see fit. I have already made a profit on my Million Dollar Wiki page and expect to do the same for my page on the Million Euro Wiki. Each page cost €75 or $100US. If you missed the keyword you wanted on the Million Dollar Wiki, you have a chance to get it on the Euro page.

Use Coupon Code JohnChow for 10% Discount

Like the Million Dollar Wiki, I have set up a 10% coupon code for the Million Euro Wiki. Enter JohnChow when you buy a page and you’ll save $10.

Win 1 of 20 16GB iPod Touch


To create a big bang, the Million Euro Wiki is giving away twenty 16GB iPod Touch to some lucky page owners. For every 25 pages sold, the cow will randomly select one of the page-owners and give them a brand new 16GB iPod touch worth $400.

Twenty pages have been sold on its first day (today). Five more and the first iPod will be given away. If you don’t win the first giveaway, you’ll have another chance when the next 25 pages are sold, and then the next 25, and so on. Therefore, the earlier you buy your page, the more chances you have of winning. If I win the iPod, I’ll give it away to a reader.