Make Money Online with The Million Euro Wiki

In his continued quest to sell more pages on the Million Euro Wiki, the cow has set up an affiliate program for all page owners. If you own a page on the Million Euro Wiki, you can make some extra bucks by selling pages to others. You will receive you own coupon code that will give $10 off a page and you will receive $30 per page sales. The affiliate deal is only available to Million Euro Wiki page owners.

This should really help the cow move a lot of pages because it adds another revenue source for page owners. Sell three pages and you’ll recover the cost of your page on the Million Euro Wiki. Then, anything the wiki page makes is a bonus. My page on the Million Euro Wiki has so far made $50 and I only had the page for nine days. The Million Euro Wiki will be up for another 20 years so I can’t see losing money on this deal.

iPod TouchAll this is on top of the 20 iPod Touch giveaway. Well, it’s really 18 since two have been given away already (I won the first one). For every 25 pages sold, the Million Euro Wiki will select one random page owner and give him/her a brand new 16GB iPod Touch. The earlier you buy a page the more chances you have of winning.

The Million Euro Wiki is a study in viral marketing. The affiliate plan the cow released will help the site generate a lot of buzz. This buzz, along with the recent $500 press release, will certainly bring a lot of traffic to the site. This is the best time to buy a page because you’re taking advantage of all the buzz being generated.

Win My iPod Touch

I’ve decided to give away the iPod Touch that I won to a page owner that buys a page using the JohnChow coupon code. If you buy a page with my code, not only will you be entered into the normal iPod Touch giveaway, but you’ll have a chance to win my one as well. Page owners who buy more than one page will get more than one entry. I will draw the winner at the end of this month. Good luck!