It’s About The Relationship

A few people question why I didn’t choose to run the WordPress BankRoll plugin or why I don’t sell my reviews direct and bypass ReviewMe. A few even suggested that I run ReviewMe and run BankRoll at a lower price.

I have received direct requests from advertisers asking me to do reviews at a discounted price. The thinking goes something like this. The ReviewMe price is $300. Of that, ReviewMe takes 50%, leaving the publishers with $150. Therefore, offer the publisher $200 directly and everyone is happy. Everyone but ReviewMe.

The Internet is about more than just making money online. It’s also about building relationships and that is more important than money. ReviewMe has provided me with excellent service and support. They’ve sent me customers I would have never gotten if I was not part of their network. They gave me the scoop on new products like Post Level Text Link Ads. I will not cut them (or any other ad networks) out just to make a few extra bucks.

Another thing you have to consider is ReviewMe is offering a very valuable service. As I’ve stated in my last post, I wouldn’t get even 10% of the reviews if it were not for ReviewMe. In addition, I would have never dreamed of charging $300 for it. ReviewMe laid the foundation and proved that advertisers are willing to pay big bucks for reviews on targeted blogs.

Let’s say I accept a direct review offer at less than the ReviewMe price. I could make more money but look at all the bridges I maybe burning. ReviewMe would be upset and may not recommend me to advertiser or exclude me from testing new beta products. Advertisers that I’ve done reviews for would be upset because they’ll feel ripped off.

The Relationship Is More Important Than Money

I’ve made a lot of money on the Internet. I’ve also made a lot of friends and formed many relationship with people and companies from all over the world. Those relationships are worth far more than the any monetary gain. I get offers all the time from ad networks trying to steal me away. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don’t. What is the deciding factor? The relationship.

A good relationship is worth more than a few extra bucks. And it’s because of this that all reviews must be done through ReviewMe.