Make Money Online – Post Level Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads will soon be rolling out a new revenue source for bloggers call Post Level Text Link Ads. What is Post Level TLA? According to Patrick Gavin, Text Link Ads’ President:

What this means is that in addition to your run of site TLA’s you will be able to serve up a single TLA at the post level below each qualifying post in your blog. As you know with the growth of social networking news sites, individual blog posts can be very valuable in terms of traffic and direct links to these specific posts. These popular posts can now be monetized with our new plugin.

Only one ad will be served at the bottom of the post and it will allow the advertiser to have a full 80 character title and 150 letter description. You will still have full editorial control over the advertisers.

To see Post Level TLA in action, check My Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins. You will see this ad at the bottom of the post.

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Post Level TLA For Traffic & SEO

The TLA Plugin allows Text Link Ads to determine popular posts on your blog and add them to their marketplace. Post Level TLA offers advertisers targeted blog posts to buy links in. Moreover, because they can select the anchor text as well, the links offer tremendous SEO potential. For example, many of my financial and credit card posts rank on page one of Google for investment related keywords. Buying a Post Level TLA on any of those posts would mean targeted traffic and better search ranking of the advertiser’s site for the keywords they are targeting.

Like normal text link ads, pricing for Post Level TLA will be offered on a flat rate monthly basis. The price will be based on post traffic, page rank, number of links to the post, topic category and other factors that TLA won’t reveal.

When Will It Be Available?

Post Level TLA is currently in private beta testing. Full roll out is expected later this week. Post Level TLA is only available for WordPress blog. When the system is ready for full roll out, publisher will have to upload a new Plugin and replace their current TLA Plugin. All current TLA publishers running WordPress blogs will be able to take advantage of Post Level TLA.

If you have not signed up for Text Link Ads, I highly recommend it. TLA is one of this blog’s biggest moneymakers. With the addition of Post Level TLA, I see it helping me make more money online.