WordPress BankRoll Plugin – Sell Your Own Reviews

Bryce at Let’s Talk Music gave me the heads up on a new WordPress plugin that allows you to bypass the paid review services, like ReviewMe, sell your own reviews and keep all the money.

Calling itself a “directory killer,” WordPress BankRoll offers to help you cut out the middleman by allowing advertisers to buy reviews directly on your blog.

There have been a few companies that offered paid blog posts for this purpose. Obviously the bad choice with that is they take a cut of your pay. With the WordPress BankRoll Plugin you keep 100% of the money! The plugin offers a very easy to use submission form followed by a quick payment process via Paypal. The backend is extremely powerful yet simple to configure. You have complete control over your submissions. With the payment tracking systems it makes it simple to review/edit/approve posts.

You can check out the frontend demo and see what the backend looks like here and here. WordPress BankRoll provides the option to let the advertiser write the post. Now that’s what I call a time saver! They do the writing and you make the money! 😈

WordPress BankRoll is available in three versions. There is a free license that requires a linkback and two paid license (one domain and unlimited domains) with no linkback.

WordPress BankRoll looks like a neat Plugin but I’m going to pass on it because it doesn’t solve the main reason why we use 3rd party review services. Without ReviewMe, I wouldn’t have received even 10% of the reviews I’ve done so far. They provide the marketplace for advertisers. Unless your blog is extremely popular, advertisers wouldn’t know you exist unless you were listed with a 3rd party directory. If they can’t find you, they can’t buy from you.

While it’s nowhere close to being a directory killer, WordPress BankRoll is free so if you want to download and try it, please let me know your experience. I’m sure it would make for a good blog post.