How to Write an Informative Blog Post Easily

Blogging helps you to reach and “INFORM” your target audience effectively.

When you share tips and tactics with your ardent readers and first time visitors, you’re strengthening your voice.

Having a strong voice is important but you must learn how to write informative blog posts.

Too often, a lot of bloggers find it difficult to craft interesting blog posts. Sure there are several factors that contribute to a boring content, but the ultimate is lack of thorough research.

This brief guide will help you repurpose your writing, and ultimately improve the quality of your content. Keep reading…

If you want to write a blog post that informs, you need to obey these 4 rules. Remember, these rules aren’t set on stone – so feel free to innovate and dazzle your readers. The writing world is yours – grab it!

Let’s consider the four rules:

1.      Learn to listen to conversations

listen to customers

Yes, research is important, but I’d leave that as rule #2.

Before you go about researching your topic and how to produce informative content, you should listen more to conversations.

Blogging is all about observing what’s happening around the blogosphere and the World Wide Web.

Most people are in haste. If you spend adequate time listening, you’ll pick up gems.

No matter your niche, you can always “bridge” your topic with a new trend.

For instance, Facebook is constantly tweaking their platform and advertisers are not happy about the low conversion rates from their ads.

If you’re observant and listen attentively, you’d have so many blog topics to write about in this respect.

More important, the content you write on current trends like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google updates and guest blogging would always inform, providing that you…

2.      Research by reading niche blogs

Are there A-list blogs in your niche? I’m sure. If you check the top 100 blogs at technorati, you’d discover amazing content, data, references, materials and the likes for your next blog post.

When you study the lives of pro bloggers and 6-figure income earners, you’d observe they’re bookish – they spend more time reading, extracting tips and tricks from competitors.

Make a list of 10 authority blogs that have inspired, informed or helped you in more than one way and start reading.

Truly, there is a time to write, but for now just read and improve your idea-house (brain).

3.      Use contractions while writing

Contraction is when you combine two words together, while eliminating a letter and using an apostrophe.

The purpose of using contractions in informal writing like we do at blogs – is to enhance the flow of the words, the sentence, the paragraph and the entire content.

Blogging gives you the privilege to write “it is” as “it’s, and “he had” as “he’d”. One of the reasons why most bloggers don’t (do not) produce informative content on a daily basis is because they’re still hinged to their High School rules. Lol!

You need to understand that blogging is a world of its own. It’s true that you’ve to follow some Basic English and Grammar rules, but 85% of those rules can make your blog post boring and too formal.

Therefore, start using contractions, even when you guest post for a popular blog like problogger, copyblogger and so on.

4.      Use “You” to address a special blog reader

“You” is a pronoun. It’s also become popular when writing blog posts. You should use it to make your content more personal, interactive and informative.

It’s like printing a business card and distributing it in the walkway to passersby. It can be fun sometimes especially if the business card is colorful, attractive and has legible typography.

Rather than using “we” in your blog posts, which can make reading a routine task and irrelevant, make use of “you.” Start your sentences with it – you’ll create a serene reading environment for your target audience. I promise you.

To wrap this up, using the pronoun, “you” can hook the reader and increase conversion rate. How best can you command attention if not by addressing each person – and giving them a special treat? Look through this particular post and you’ll see how personal I’ve made it.

A piece of advice

Learn the basics of Copywriting – it’s a rare skill that can enhance your writing. Copywriters always craft better headlines and lede.

As you delve into the New Year, challenge yourself to continually produce informative and valuable content for your ideal audience.

Low quality content can’t make you money, no matter how hard you try to promote it. If you need a veteran content writer, visit my content marketing blog.

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