How Copywriting Can Grow Your Blog Quickly

If you want to grow your blog, then a basic knowledge of copywriting could help.

These days, the competition is getting fiercer.

Everyone and their grandmother are starting a blog.

I’m even considering starting a blog for my 5-year old niece. Funny, isn’t it?

With this, you ought to stand out and offer great value or your blog will be drowned for real.

I’m not asking you to become a copywriter, but learning how to write a good & interesting blog post is a must if success is your priority.

Most people frown at copywriters because of the hype they portray, especially in the make money niche, where we see $15,038.73 in clickbank sales per day.

I’d recommend a more stellar approach – learn from copywriters and why they’re the most important entrepreneurs on the web. Forget the hype, you don’t need it.

In this article, you’ll learn the five ways copywriting can bring life to your blog content. I’m ready to dazzle you. Are you ready to learn?

Here are the 5 highlights:

  1. Insights on what buyers want
  2. Catchy headlines that tempts
  3. Powerful subheads that hooks
  4. Words and phrase placements
  5. Call to action that bring results

Insights on what buyers want       copywriting tips

As a blogger, you need to know what your readers want.

Most people think asking questions is the only way to extract vital data from readers.

It’s a good way though, and it works.

But there is more to this that you’ve been missing.

Since I launched my copywriting blog [click to open in a new window], I have learnt that readers are like newborn babies.

Oftentimes, they’re waiting for you to instruct them.

When you treat your readers like a God, they can obey you with their last blood. Wow!

Just like John Morrow once said, blog readers are always asleep. You need to wake them up. But copywriters know what buyers want.

Because they spend quality time researching and collating consumer complaints, testimonials, ratings and comments over time.

The easiest way to know what your readers are desperately looking for is to “study their words and sentences.” How? Read the comments they made in your blog posts.

You see, you’re a product of your own words – and your readers are, too. 95% of what people say on comments is their true nature.

Sure, some commenters pretend to be who they are not. But if your blog is engaging, your readers are somewhat real – you can trust their words. Use the ideas you get from their comments to craft exceptional blog posts.

Catchy Headlines that tempts

To succeed in this blogging world, you must learn how to write catchy headlines. Not in a deceptive manner, but headlines that convey relevance and value.

Most of the headlines I see online are regurgitated. Yes, I do accept that some people are gifted in this angle, but you can learn. Blogging is all about learning new things and being able to apply them.

Even if your headline is simple, make sure it’s clickable. “How-to” headlines are proven to work for you. But don’t stop at that – ask questions, add figures and use creativity to craft a better one. Better yet, look at someone else’s headline and ask yourself questions.

You may not even realize it, but at some point in your blogging career, you must have read a headline that piqued your mind. What magical spell was used? Take your time to get it right. Quality content with a quirky headline is a failure in the making.

Powerful Subheads that hooks

When you write blog content, make sure the subheads are well formatted. Don’t use hype or try to cajole anyone – that’s the most dangerous writing & marketing approach. Copywriting helps you to coin subheads from products’ benefits and features.

Each subhead must look professional and natural. Even if the article has been covered by someone, whom you know, your subheads could help you stand out.

Copywriting is common sense – allowing your creative genius to manifest. Don’t hold back when writing subheads. 85% of readers who come to your blog will scan the post first, before reading the intro.

Subheads are the missing ingredient in a post that failed. Look at the subheads as used in this post, did I craft it well? If you like it, copy, study and craft a fresh one.

Words and sentence placements

Did you know that copywriting is the best SEO strategy? See, Google recognizes words and phrases when they’re used properly. That’s why you can’t just pad your content or stuff keywords and expect a #1 ranking miracle to happen.

You need to learn how to place the right words and phrases where they belong. What copywriters do is to study words before using them.

For instance, copywriters don’t just use the word “email” just like that. Since they (copywriters) have deep insights on how buyers make decisions, “email” could mean one thing to the buyer, but several things to the copywriter.

So, mind the words you use in your posts. Filter irrelevant words and sentences. Avoid using big words and grammar that may confuse readers.

Write in a simple way, using the right words and your blog would grow exponentially. Yes, I know because it’s working for me right now.

Call to action that bring results      call to action

Blog readers seem to be sleeping – you need to wake them up. From the introduction, arouse curiosity.

Intelligent people like to do something new.

They want to dare an adventure and see what comes out of it.

Don’t wait until you get to the last part of your content before using a call to action.

At that time, it’d be too late.

The headline is a call to action, especially when it’s question-based. Your readers and target audience are desperately looking for solutions. Only you can help them.

Tell them what to do. If you want comments, ask readers an emotional or irresistible question and you’d attract comments.

If you’re selling a product, the best way to send readers to your store or product page is to ask. Yes, they can’t sue you for asking – but they could BUY.

What’s your take?

My question to you is this: As a blogger, do you think copywriting is important? If yes, what has been your experience so far?

I’ve some quality posts coming your way soon; your feedback will be helpful. Leave a comment below and let’s meet at the top. Your success is a must!

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