How To Make A Million Buck In a Week From Facebook

While the Facebook Developer Garage was mostly filled with geeks who couldn’t make money online if their life depended on it, there was a presentation from my buddy Jason Bailey of Millnic Media (they gave me the MS Zune that nobody wants).

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to catch Jason’s speech because it was after the break and we had already left for the Memphis Blues BBQ House. Fortunately, Jason made a video of his presentation. I would have loved to see the look on the attendees’ faces when Jason told them there were Facebook marketers who’ve made over a million bucks in a week with Facebook.

In these two videos, Jason gives three concrete examples of how people are making huge coin off their Facebook Apps using CPA offers that can be found in Millnic Media. When watching the videos, see if you can come up with other ways to integrate the methods Jason talks about.

Monetizing Face Book Apps with Jason Bailey – Part One

Monetizing Facebook with Jason Bailey – Part 2