Memphis Blues – Elvis Is In The BBQ House

After the Facebook Developer Garage, we headed out to Memphis Blue BBQ House for some good old southern BBQ (we being myself, Sarah, Greg Morgan, Gary from BlueFur, Rainer from Think Referrals and Cathy from C2 Design).

I discovered Memphis a few years back and have been hooked on their food ever since. During one period, myself and some friends would go to Memphis Blues every Friday for a plate BBQ beef brisket and pull pork. The prices are inexpensive and the portions are huge. You definitely get your money’s worth at Memphis Blue. By far the best place in Vancouver for BBQ.

Memphis Blue isn’t really fine dining. It’s more like messy dining at its finest. Eating with your hands is not only allowed, it’s encouraged.

Elvis Is In The House


Since we had six people for this little BBQ outing, we ordered up the Elvis Platter. This is a BBQ feast fit for the King himself. The Elvis Platter offers every meat plus all the fixins’. It’s a perfect way to sample BBQ. There’s pork ribs, rib ends, sliced brisket, pulled pork, Cornish game hen and smoked sausage. Fixins’ include pit beans, slaw, potato salad, corn bread and a secret BBQ sauce.

At $64, the Elvis Platter is not cheap but when you divide that by six people, it becomes damn economical. The only feast bigger than the Elvis is The Priscilla, which has even more meat than the Elvis; plus oysters, shrimp and catfish. Feeds approximately 10-12 people and cost $120. On a per person basis, it doesn’t get much better than Memphis Blues.

If you ever come to Vancouver, your visit would not be complete without a trip to Memphis Blues BBQ House. Tell them John Chow sent you and they may put you to the front of the line (that is, if the owners are there).

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