The Winner Of The MS Zune Is

The winner of the Evil Microsoft Zune conest is Danielle from This must be her lucky day. First she gets a plug in my What’s Happening In The Community post, now I just pulled her name out of the draw box.

Ms Danielle is the proud owner of a band new brown (that’s the new black) 30GB Microsoft Zune MP3 player. Not only did her entry win but her contest submission was actually very good!

I would like to tell Danielle to enjoy the Zune but judging from her contest post it looks like she is going to give it away as well!

If I win it, I’ll be giving it away in my next link promotion, too. I’ve already got two iPods, so what do I need a Zune for? A second backup? I wouldn’t be surprised if the guys from Millnic Media who gave away the prize somehow recycled it as well. Looks like the Zune is the new “white elephant” gift!

Please consider this as my contest entry. Who knows, maybe I’ll win it back! 😈