How To Get Powerful Inbound Links (My Secret)

An inbound link is simply a link back to your website.

I’m talking about powerful links, which can boost your search engine rankings.

Since I launched my content marketing business, I’ve worked with clients who wanted instant results. They wanted me to perform the magic. It doesn’t work that way.

Of course there is nothing wrong with “quick results” only that it does not stay.

In other words, if you get your links from somewhere secretive and your rankings skyrocket, you stand a chance of losing your ranking positions as quickly as you got them.


That is not to say that everyone who acquired wrong links will lose it. It just means that long term approach to building inbound links is the ultimate strategy. You and I know that Google is out, with a sharpened knife ready to slice any website that has played pranks in the past and those publishers who have plans to trick the spider.

Having said that, I think you might be making a very BIG mistake if you think getting inbound links is difficult. No, it’s as simple as installing your wordpress blog and adding a new post. If you can do that, then you can use this strategy to get inbound links.

Twisted Guest Blogging

I bet you haven’t heard of “twisted guest blogging” before. But you definitely know about guest blogging and writing content for other blogs, right? The strategy is somewhat the same but the results would overwhelm you.

With my guest blogging style, you’ll be using ONE BIG stone to KILL many Birds.

Twisted guest blogging will help you get your guest post published at a particular blog, and before you know it, your website URL will be everywhere on the web, sucking in targeted traffic and inbound links.
Why is this so? It’s because you did the right thing. “Let me in, I can’t wait to know about this…”

Find an active blog with a community

When I say active blog, I mean a blog that receives a lot of comment and social shares each time a post goes live. You might have come across such sites. In fact, the criterion to look for is 100 twitter and Facebook shares (100 each will do).

Comments may not be the right metric for this guest blogging approach, but social signals. So once you’ve researched your blogs that falls within this category, you’re good to go.

The purpose of this is for you to send a guest post to the active blog, and within 7 days, it’ll be shared on twitter, facebook and other portals. Then from those active portals, the media can pick it up and curate it on their business and news related websites.

If you’ve been guest blogging everywhere and getting no tangible results, then it could be possible you’ve been wasting your content which I presume is high quality. It’s time to get smarter.

Make sure the social fans are active

There is no better way to gauge the quality and activity of your twitter, facebook fans than the action they take each time you try to engage them. I don’t care how many people you’ve following you, if they don’t click your links or share your content, you’re wasting time.

Follow the same approach for the blog you’ll be sending your article to. Review the popular posts and see how many social shares they have amassed.

The most important thing when you’re running an online business is conversion. If it’s not converting, then you’re not doing the right thing.

Before you send a valuable guest post to any blog, ensure the social media activity is high. Your guest post should be shared with the world so that you can get inbound links not just from the blog but from other networks that pass higher link value to you.

Google is still passionate about websites that get natural and trustworthy inbound links.

You’re not going to be pleading with your readers to share your content or write a comment. And you’re supposed to beg the active community to share your content. It’s there nature. They love to do it for their leader (blog owner).

They’ll do the same thing for you. If your content is superb and solution-driven, they’d be persuaded to comment.


Guest blogging could be a total waste of time if you cast your bread on many dirty waters. It’s much more profitable to take your time and research the blog to determine its engagement. How popular the site is and the amount of traffic it generates on a daily basis.

Knowing these metrics would help you gain several inbound links from just a single guest post that touched lives around the Web World.

Remember, all links are NOT created equal. For instance, a single inbound link (backlink) from CNN that’s do-follow will be more valuable to Google than 5 links from an unworthy website.

Do you still write guest posts? Share your experience and make it lively. You’re the best person the world has been waiting for. See you at the top!