How To Improve Your Conversion Rate By Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has become one of the most powerful techniques bloggers use to build up huge amounts of traffic and a loyal following.

While getting huge amounts of traffic from guest blogging is fun and all, it becomes even more addicting and helpful as soon as you learn how to convert them to subscribers, buyers, sign ups, or ad clickers.

Guest blogging makes improving your conversion rate 10x’s easier, rather than trying to improve it with regular old traffic. Why? Mainly because it’s fast, you can make changes to your site and see the results of your guest post overnight.

That should help you quickly realize if your conversion rate went up or down.

1 – Split Testing

This is the greatest tactic to improve any conversion rate. I’ve seen conversion rates increase by 50% after split testing.

But, what is split testing? Split testing is the process by which you show visitors multiple versions of a page, and you have the ability to see which of the pages converted best.

This is wonderful to find out what colors your visitors feel more comfortable with, if they prefer videos or text, or whether they like long amounts of text or small amounts of text.

So how do you go about split testing?

Personally, I prefer split testing the free way, but if you are willing to spend some cash to increase your conversions, then go ahead and buy a split testing script that will test two or more different versions of pages at once.

But, if you’re trying to increase conversions for free…

I would test the two different versions of pages at different times. Halfway through the first day of the guest post, change the page. This will give you a pretty equal run of both pages.

2 – Web Analytics

I’ve tripled some of my websites conversion rates simply by looking at its stats. With web analytics you can see all sorts of important information, like my favorite…

Exit rate is the amount of visitors that left the website from that page compared to the total amount of visitors that visited that page.

For example, if a total of 10 visitors saw the page and 8 of them left the website from that page, and then the exit rate would be 80%.

A low exit rate means that visitors are addicted to what you’re doing and can’t get off your blog. It’s really easy to do this because guest blogging provides some very high quality traffic.

How can you improve your exit rate? You can try to split test again, or make the page more likable…

Add more links, tell them exactly where to go next, and don’t create any dead ends.

The perfect website never ends; it will always tell people where to go next.

3 – Test. Test. Test.

Never stop testing. What might happen if you did something totally bizarre to your blog?

What would happen if you took your e-book away? What might your visitors think when they can’t find your post’s comments? What could happen when you write a post acting as if you sold your blog?

Either of those crazy tactics can create an extremely bizarre impression of you. Making your visitors want more, and remember you.

Call in your web designer. Have a professional look over your entire website to see if you have any programming errors. A simple programming error will kill conversions.

Keep testing. No matter if you’ve raised your conversion rate +1%, +2%, +5%, +10%, +20%, +50%, or even +60%. Don’t stop until you’re as high as you can go. 100%.

4 – A 110% Conversion Rate

Refer a Friend is another under estimated tactic. How can you use it?

Let’s say you get someone to subscribe or buy a product from you. Tell them you will give them another bonus product if they can get two more people to subscribe or buy the product. As a result, they just gave you a 300% conversion rate… I guess 🙂

The refer a friend strategy is totally amazing and can potentially help your blog go viral.

Guest blogging is really awesome. It can virtually do miracles, and bring extremely high amounts of traffic. Good luck!

Joe Burnett is a guest blogging genius. He reveals his Guest Blogging Secrets at his Facebook page, and started Who’s Your Blogger? A tool that makes guest blogging 1000x faster and 100x easier.