How to Use LeadBoxes to Boost Your Conversions

Yesterday, I wrote a blog post and showed a video on two updates made to LeadBoxes, a really great feature of LeadPages. Today, I want to show you how to use LeadBoxes to really boost your opt in conversions.

On average, LeadPages users are boosting their conversion by 30% to 40% with LeadBoxes. How are they getting those results? The “LeadBoxes clinic” video will give you the step-by-step so you can achieve the same results. Inside the video, you will learn:

  • What converts even better than a landing page: Find out why LeadBoxes universally increases your opt-in rates across the board and crushes your standard landing page.
  • How to boost your conversions by 30%: Hear three specific recommendations for how to use LeadBoxes on your site to boost your own returns by 30% or more.
  • Plus, 13 different integrations for LeadBoxes: Get the exact list of what email service providers (and webinar providers) that easily integrate with LeadBoxes in seconds.

With LeadBoxes, you don’t need a whole landing page to build your email list anymore. By adding a single line of code to any existing webpage, you can use LeadBoxes to grow your list from anywhere.

To see LeadBoxes in action, just click my eBook link. Instead of the link taking you to my normal eBook landing page, an opt-in box will pop up. This keeps the reader on your blog, and in my testing, will increase conversion.


Like LeadPages, LeadBoxes integrates with all major email service providers, like Aweber. You can also integrate LeadMagnet delivery to deliver your eBook once a reader subscribes to your list.

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