Computex 2007 – It’s Magic

In addition to those air hammers, Thermaltake gave us some branded playing cards. These cards came in handy during the wait for the Intel press conference at the Taipei 101. I used the cards to show off a couple of magic tricks.

The first video shows Jason of Techware Labs trying to find the Ace of Space in the deck. I would riffle through the deck and Jason would yell stop at the point where he thinks the Ace of Space is.

The second video is call the Compatibility Test. Two decks are used for this trick. The object is for each person to select a card from their own deck and compare it to the card selected by the person in the other deck. The closer the cards are to each other, the more compatible the two people are. Normally, I only do this trick with a girl, but Jason wanted to see how it was done, so everyone pretended he was female. You would not believe how many girls I picked up with this trick.

Enjoy the videos. They were filmed by David Lin.

Find The Ace of Spade

The Compatibility Test