Computex 2007 – A Whacking Good Time


Thermaltake made the mistake of giving us air hammers during our booth visit. What started off as a nice formal business meeting turned into a whacking good time as out of the blue, I would whack Stephen fung on the head while he was asking a serious question.

We had a great time walking the show floor and spontaneously whacking people over the head. Most people laugh when they got whacked – lucky for me. The hammer does a good job at scaring booth babes. Most would cover their heads and scream.

Everything was going great until I came across some MSI booth babes with their own hammers. The picture below shows two girls with hammers, but there were really four so I was severely outnumbered. Can you imagine getting into a hammer fight with four girls?


During the meeting with MSI, the PR rep gave us all MSI hammers. I thank the MSI rep by whacking her over the head with it. Here’s a video of how a hammer fight normally breaks out.