Using The Tiapei 101 To Pop The Question


On our way to dinner with PowerColor last night, we noticed that the Taipei 101 had an interesting message (question) on it. Our taxi driver informed us that one of the ways the 101 makes money is by using itself as a the world’s tallest billboard.

Most of the time, the building is used by companies doing product launch promotions. Tonight, the building was asking a question to a girl named Diana. It looks like a guy wants her to marry her and is willing to spend $250,000US to ask the question. that’s right, it cost $250,000 to put up a sign for one night on the world’s tallest building.

We don’t know whether Diana said yes or no. However, I can’t imagine getting a no when a guy goes through that kind of trouble (and expense) to show his undying love. Maybe we’ll find out the answer tonight. That is, if the guy can find another $250,000 for a “She Said Yes!” message.